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Run Culture • March 19, 2024

Roark x Basquiat Collection Brings Art to Run Apparel

Roark x Basquiat - feature

What You Need To Know

The What

17-piece apparel collection featuring the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Run Apparel

Includes the Alta short, Serrano short, Bless-Up collared shirt, Mathis tee, and cap


Available now in limited quantities

Roark x basquiat - full collection

Six pieces in the Run Amok collection

Roark x basquiat - run amok

Art Meets Running

Running is an art. And sometimes art is running. Like the all-new limited-edition launch of the Basquiat x Roark Collection, which brings together the raw art of Jean-Michel Basquiat with the lifestyle and performance blend of Roark. 

The 17-piece collection includes apparel designed for the Roark sub label, Roark Run Amok, featuring performance wear for runners.

Roark x Basquiat - back

This isn’t the first foray into collabs for Roark– in the past they’ve dropped sets featuring Black Sabbath and Motörhead. However, the Basquiat drop treats the apparel as a literal canvas to showcase his transcendent style that combines both contemporary art and primitivism, a style which made him one of the most iconic and important artists of the 20th century.

Key styles for Roark Run Amok include a range of premium running apparel including Roark’s pinnacle run short the Alta, made from a lightweight 4-way stretch nylon, and the Secondwind, an ultra lightweight packable run jacket featuring stretch ripstop fabric with a no-shine dry feel and durable water-resistant finish.

Roark x Basquiat - shorts

On the lifestyle side of things, Roark is dropping Chiller and Passage boardshorts, popular Bless Up and Gonzo wovens, an all-new women’s fleece and hybrid overall

The entire Basquiat x Roark Collection is available now at

Roark x Basquiat

Run Amok Collection


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  1. I usually don’t care about what I wear to run. I go for what is clean hopefully matching socks sometimes I get lucky randomly match colors etc.

    I love Jean-Michel Basquiat and would absolutely wear this gear to social runs getting in miles and hanging out with friends after.

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