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The Drop Podcast • July 22, 2022

The Drop E99 | World Athletics Championships



live from the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Ore., the team sits down and recaps a wild week with special guest Kofuzi. We also tack on all our one-on-one interviews with Asics athletes from this week, including Sara Hall, Emma Bates, Johnny Gregorek, Val Allman, Johnny Gregorek, and Elkanah Kibet. Buckle up, this is a fun one! Thanks to everyone who came out to the group runs this week, it was awesome meeting some of you West Coast folks in person. And thanks to Asics for making it all happen.

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After the intro, we sprinkle in our one-on-one interviews from the week, which means appearances from tons of athletes. We’re talking about Sara Hall, Emma Bates, Johnny Gregorek, Van Allman, and Elkanah Kibet. It’s a fun one, that’s for sure.

Give the audio podcast a listen below, or head further down for our video intro.

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