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The Drop • July 29, 2022

The Drop E100 | Keira D’Amato, Nike Elite Marathoner (Again!)



Woohoo! We made it to 100, y’all! Not like running 100 miles, but it’s just as impressive that we’ve managed to sit down and talk equal parts running and nonsense going on for two years now. This week, we talk about everything from our own running as GRIT wraps up, to how sweet napping is, to Ashley Paulson’s vindicated victory. She ran damn fast, deal with it.

After that, an old favorite drops by… Keira D’Amato again! You already know her story, but we had to celebrate a century with one of our favorites, so she’s back. Oh, by the way, she’s still the American record holder for the women’s marathon, and she finished 8th at the World Athletics Championships for good measure. We talk about how that race went, as well as her time spent with other badass American women and a few of her upcoming goals.

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