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Getting ready for New York City Marathon


Sunday I will be running the NYC Marathon for the first time.  I gotta admit I am pretty excited about it.  Since training and running the GORE-TEX TransRockies Run, I have been feeling great and have gained some speed too.  I have high hopes for a great race in NYC.  On my last run before NYC I had a good one. I just relaxed and went for a 7 mile loop.  Everything is feeling good.  I have my weapon of choice picked out the Nike Lunar Eclipse.   After my knee gave me a little trouble on Monday in the Nike Pre, it was virtually gone in the Eclipse.  The shoes feel great.  I am focusing on staying relaxed for NYC and trying to enjoy the event without clouding it with expectations.  I want to continue to run faster and would love to beat my Baltimore marathon time of 3:45:32 two weeks ago but, more than that I want to enjoy running an event as big and celebrated as the NYC Marathon. I can always focus on the Phoenix Marathon in January for a new PR.

Speaking of the TransRockies run Juda and I got some coverage in the Washington Running Report, check it out…

Believe in the run.


  1. Have a great race, and hope the Eclipse work out well. You’ve had a massive year and this will cap it off in style. Well done!

        1. That sounds great. Last year Dan Norton got stuck over there after the marathon for a month because of the the volcano ash. If you want to pick his brain on the Paris marathon and you don’t already have his twitter handle it’s @dnorton

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