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Race Reviews • October 18, 2010

The 2010 Baltimore Marathon – First Event Since the TransRockies Run

A week before the Baltimore Marathon I decided I wanted to run it.  It made sense, I am training for the NYC Marathon and had a 22 mile training run scheduled for the same day.  Why not add 4.2 miles and get a medal?

The event was sold out, so I put the word out that I wanted to run it and if anybody knew a way for me to get a bib contact me.  I even tried calling charities involved to see if I could run legit.

Social media came through when traditional channels failed.  I found a guy that injured his foot and could not run.  I was able to buy his bib and gain entry.  He wanted to keep the shirt so we worked out a discount for it.

The eve of the race came quickly and I found myself more relaxed than I have ever been before a big run.  After all this was just a training run not a race.

I got up early Saturday morning and the family headed down to Fells Point to meet up with some friends.  After getting everyone together, we finally started heading to the start with about a half hour to spare.  We got dropped off about a mile from the start line.  I had told another friend I would meet him at the start for his first marathon, I felt bad that we were getting there late so I ran to the start to meet up with him.  The warm up was good.

We lined up with the 3:50 pace group in the corral.  I concentrated on running easy and relaxed from the get go.  During the run I started to see familiar faces which kept the miles sailing by.  Soon we were in front of the 3:50 pace group and feeling quite relaxed.  Baltimore is a hilly course, I knew I had to keep some reserves for later but, in the mean time, the pace seemed quick and comfortable.  Overall, that is how the race went.  I got in a comfortable groove and just held it.   I was even able to resist the urge to sprint to the finish line.  As I came into the finish I looked up and saw the clock and was honestly surprised to see 3:45.  I had just run my best marathon on a tough course in relative ease.  I was pretty pleased.  I just got a new PR and finished my 9th Marathon.

The bummer is that my time is officially under another name not mine.  The good news is that it filled me with confidence and excitement for the NYC marathon coming up in November.

I definitely believe that the TransRockies Run has put me into the best shape of my life.  I got to write my review of the GTTR, I am just having trouble getting my head around it.

Believe in the Run.


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