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Yaktrax Run Review

Guest Review by Bart Rein.

Being an avid trail runner living in a part of the country where winter normally gives us at least some periods of snow and ice covered trails, the challenge of continuing to trail run throughout the winter can be quite a tall order. This winter, it would seem that mother nature has been hell bent on not only keeping me off the trails but ( GASP!!! ) making friends with my treadmill. I have tried various methods over the years to be able to run on the trails when there is snow and ice. Some with success and some without, however, I have not been able to come up with something that works that I can use on a brand new or “current” pair of trails shoes that I did not want to otherwise alter. I was excited to see if the Yaktrax “Run” would be the solution. I ran a trail race today with perfect conditions for this test. Temperatures were near freezing, packed snow and plenty of ice on the trails.

The Good:

Throughout this race where many people slipped numerous times, the Yaktrax “Run” kept my footing fairly good the whole way. I didn’t slip or fall once during the 9 miles. There were plenty of hills, stream crossings and a very small portion on road. The spikes in the front plate gave some nice “bite” into the ice and the coils in the back provided adequate braking grip for the downhills. Once I got the Yaktrax on my shoes, they stayed in place for the most part without shifting.

The Bad:

The Yaktrax took a little work to properly place them on the shoes, but again once there, they pretty much stayed in place. The only time they shifted was when I didn’t jump quite high enough over a log and scraped them over the top. I don’t know that there is any way to avoid shifting with that kind of an impact. I think the spikes could be a little more substantial to provide a little more “bite”. Maybe a little larger and longer.


Overall the bottom line is that I didn’t slip or fall which means they work. It’s a nice product that you can use on a brand new pair of shoes without altering them, switch between different pairs of shoes, and take off when the snow and ice melt or even just to drive home.


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