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Running Apparel • July 8, 2022

The Best Gear from the Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run Collection

tracksmith run cannonball run cover

What You Need To Know


The mercury is rising (not in retrograde), and you’ve gotta cool off somehow


Tracksmith’s Run Cannonball Run collection is back for another year


It’s ready for your quick mid-run dips in the creek


Oh, and there are new Marigold, Lake, and Pearl Blue colorways, too


There are a few telltale signs that summer is back. Our favorite might be the chance to put in miles for Summer GRIT, but new Tracksmith gear is pretty good too. Well, it’s not brand new, but rather a return of some summer favorites. If you’ve ever needed a mid-run dip to cool back down, you know what we mean. The Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run collection is back for yet another summer. We haven’t had a chance to run in everything (yet), but you know we’re always down to play favorites.

Let’s see what the classically styled, hare-themed speedsters have for us this summer.

Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run Tee

tracksmith run cannonball run tee

The Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run Tee might not be the most exciting piece from the collection, but it’s a good place to start. Why? Well, I guess we like to work from the top down. Anyway, I called it the least exciting piece because there’s a pretty good chance I’ll end up with my shirt off on most summer runs. It’s just the best way to live life. If you’re a shirt wearer, that’s totally fine, and it’s tough to get a better shirt than a Tracksmith tee.

The Run Cannonball Run Tee is a unisex cut, and it’s made from a natural slub cotton blend. As a unisex cut, Tracksmith recommends sizing down for women if you want a tight fit, but you can go true to size for a slightly oversized fit. It’s both soft enough and fine enough that you can pull it on after a dip (or in the rain) and not feel like it’s strangling you. You can pick up the Run Cannonball Run Tee in the brand-new Pearl Blue shade or go for classics like Driftwood, Navy, and Ivory.

PRICE: $78

Shop Run Cannonball Run Tee

Run Cannonball Run Shorts

tracksmith run cannonball run shorts

The next entry in the Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run collection might be the most important: The shorts. Tracksmith’s signature summer shorts come in different cuts for men and women, with a 2.5-inch inseam for women and a 5-inch option for men. More importantly, these are running shorts that function as well as swim trunks. If you’ve ever hopped in a creek in traditional running shorts, you know how much it sucks. With the Run Cannonball Run Shorts, however, you’ll just be ready for another splash in the next creek.

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Each pair is made with a flexible four-way stretch fabric that was previously used for Olympic swimsuits. The women’s cut features a mid-rise, while the men’s version has a more traditional fit. Either way, you get an internal liner that’s soft as butter on the Fourth of July. If a dip’s not your thing, the quick-dry fabric should be just as nice for rainy days and wicking sweat in general.

The Run Cannonball Run shorts come in Navy, Koi, Riverbed, and a Pearl Blue color with a light plaid finish.

PRICE: $88

Shop Run Cannonball Run Shorts - Men Shop Run Cannonball Run Shorts - Women

Women’s Run Cannonball Run Short Tights and Bra

tracksmith run cannonball run womens shorts and bra

While there’s a pair of shorts for everyone, this year’s Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run collection features a few extra pieces for women. Specifically, you can grab a pair of short tights or an RCR-specific version of the Tracksmith Run Bra. The short tights follow the same idea as the shorts above — they’re quick-drying with flexible four-way stretch fabric — and come in a few of the same colors. Tracksmith’s Pearl Blue with a light plaid finish is inspired by some of the brand’s favorite swimming holes, while the Riverbed color is inspired by the sandy shores and stone creek bottoms.

As for the Run Cannonball Run Bra, that’s made from dual layers of the same Italian swimsuit fabric that’s woven throughout the collection. If you’ve run in the original Tracksmith Run Bra, it should offer a similar experience, but it’s designed to dry quickly and lock water out like a true swimsuit.

PRICE: Bra – $72, Short Tights – $88

Shop Run Cannonball Run Bra Shop Run Cannonball Run Short Tights

Tracksmith Towel

tracksmith run cannonball run towel

I’m not sure how much of a description you’re expecting for a towel, but this is a good one. As with anything, Tracksmith cranked the quality of this cotton towel to the max. It’s designed around two key qualities that the team decided all towels should have: They should be big, and they should be cozy. At 34 inches by 66 inches, there’s no doubt it meets the size requirement. Tracksmith also chose a looped cotton material with a soft backing to it, which dries quickly but remains cozy enough to keep you warm while you cool down.

Right now, the towel only comes in one colorway — Light Blue and Koi. It feels like a classic go-to towel with a premium Tracksmith twist, what else could you ask for in the summertime?

PRICE: $48

Shop Tracksmith Towel

What else is new?

tracksmith run cannonball run other gear

The Run Cannonball Run collection isn’t the only new Tracksmith arrival this summer. If you’re just looking for some new clothes for everyday miles, there are a few new colors to add to the rotation. You can now grab a wide variety of pieces in the Van Cortlandt, Twilight, and Allston collections in Pearl Blue, Lake, and Marigold. Pearl Blue is a very pale blue for the ladies, as you might guess, while the Marigold hue adds a bright pop of summery orange. Lake is a slightly deeper blue-green, which you’ll find on most of the men’s pieces.

The best part about Tracksmith bringing its new colors to a variety of collections is that there’s bound to be something for everyone. You can go for the classic Van Cortlandt, with its 2:09 mesh, or pick up some Twilight training pieces with the updated Bravia fabric. Those of you looking for something a little tighter will have to head to the Allston collection.

There are enough different pieces and color options that we can’t list them all, but you can check out all of the new offerings at the button below.

Shop Tracksmith New Arrivals

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