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Accessories • March 4, 2022

Sofirn HS20 Headlamp Review: A Budget Bright Spot

sofirn hs20 cover

What You Need To Know


Weighs 175 g with the battery and headband


Two lenses with plenty of brightness options


It’s even IPx8 waterproof!


Available now from Sofirn for $40


ALEX: Sofirn is a brand that is new to me. While they don’t specifically market to athletes, their products have several appealing aspects. The first is affordability — you can get the Sofirn HS20 headlamp for around $40. It’s heavy and doesn’t claim otherwise, but it’s also the most powerful headlamp I’ve worn, with a max beam of 2400 lumens. However, that brightness requires that you use the dual LEDs simultaneously.

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The Good

ALEX: The Sofirn HS20 is a powerful headlamp. The design features two lenses with a spotlight and floodlight. The flood beam is intended for close-range illumination, with the spotlight being longer reaching. Dual switches mean you can adjust both lenses independently for single-use, or you can crank the lumens at the same time.

The design is comparable to the Fenix HM65R, Nitecore HC35, and Zerbalight H600 series. The Sofirn HS20 is powered by a single 18650 battery and equipped with a USB-C charging port. It takes around 2.5 hours to charge the battery fully. Due to the high adjustability of the light, battery life is highly variable, ranging from 1h 41m on Turbo mode to 150h on Eco mode.

The main advantage Sofirn has over its competitors is its price point — comparable models start at $80. Other headlamps at the same price point pale in comparison when it comes to lumens. For example, the Black Diamond SPOT, at $40, is a lighter weight, low-profile option with a max output of 350 lumens.

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sofirn hs20 headband

The Bad

ALEX: It’s heavy. Unless I’m wearing a thick headband or hat, this design tends to get uncomfortable over time and cause headaches. It’s not one I’d run in for that reason. The whole package, including the battery, weighs just over 175g.

The high adjustability provides almost too many options as I find myself clicking through the multiple ranges with more options than are necessary.

Shop Sofirn HS20 sofirn hs20 angle

Sofirn HS20 Headlamp Conclusion

ALEX: This is a budget-friendly headlamp with a lot of power. Due to its heavy weight and unbalanced design, I’ll be reaching for the Sofirn HS20 for camping and hiking adventures, not running.

You can pick up the Sofirn HS20 headlamp right from Sofirn and save an extra 15% with the promo code Q74BMB6B by using the shop link below.

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