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Running Apparel • March 10, 2023

Soar WoolTech Apparel Review: Gear So Cold It’s Hot

soar wooltech cover

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What You Need To Know


Cold, as cold as you please


WoolTech blends natural and synthetic for the best of both worlds


Go a size up from your usual



The Intro

TAYLOR: What do rodeos and the price of eggs have in common? As I type that, I realize they have more than one thing in common, which is now sending me down a large rabbit hole of that whole six degrees of separation and…Anyway, the point I’m trying to get at is that both can simply get out of hand, kind of like my brain.

They aren’t the only things. Running gear is on that list too. No matter what tax bracket you’re in, you’ve probably spat your coffee out of the surprising price tags or some of the gear out there. I mean, I still have a hard time justifying a purchase of 50 bucks for a long sleeve, let alone shelling out a couple of Benjamins for a single garment.

Well, what I’m here to share today falls in the latter category. What I’m also here to share is that these are two of my favorite pieces of clothing that I’ve ever worn. Just like I’ve found with any of the Speedland shoes, the price tag may justify the quality.

Soar Running is a boutique-esque running gear company from across the pond. Based in London, they take this gig of creating running apparel as seriously as you’d imagine a designer does in the fashion capital of the world (sorry, Taylor, that title is probably Paris, not rainy-ass London). They just have the added challenge of making their clothing 100% ready to get the job done.

The Soar WoolTech line is a prime example of their marriage of style, quality, and function.

For US runners, I was sized up from my typical medium to large for these garments. Also, both pieces only exist in men’s sizing.

WoolTech Trail Top

soar wooltech trail top

TAYLOR: In a best-case scenario, winter-specific gear will keep you warm, dry, and moving as freely as possible. The Soar WoolTech Trail Top is a best-case scenario.

It takes a layered approach that puts a merino-wool blend next to the skin for both soft comfort and temperature regulation. It seems too good to be true, but this is a quality fabric that lived up to its word.

I was able to wear this garment on runs that swung from 10 to 35 degrees over the course of a long run, and I was comfortable for the whole thing. I also wore this on a -37 degree day (yeah, I said minus) with a wool base layer and a wind jacket over top. It played a key role in my comfort.

These cool-to-cold runs are where the fitted hood built-in “neck gaiter” come in real handy. Whether it was slung over my head or down, there was no bounce to speak of, and was very ergonomic.

An added benefit of the merino layer is anti-stink which isn’t a marketed trait from Soar, but it was apparent.

The outer layer is composed of a four-way stretch technical material. The front panel is made of an abrasion-resistant panel that doubles as a decent wind guard. It also denies the chafe when wearing a pack.

The overall fit is an athletic “slim” fit. As I mentioned, my sample was a size large even though I typically wear a medium. Size up.

Is all that worth $250? That’s for you to decide after I tell you that this is a top-shelf piece of running garb. Naturally, the price would follow.

PRICE: $250

Shop The Gear - Men

WoolTech Tights

soar wooltech trail tight

TAYLOR: Using the same fabric as the WoolTech Trail Top, the Soar WoolTech Tights offer many of the same benefits of warmth, comfort, and function. I’m going to throw down the gauntlet and say this is my favorite pair of tights ever. Again, a $215 price tag is for you to justify. I’m just here to give you my opinion.

The WoolTech Tights feel very light and thin — almost like a second skin. The fit and feel is amazing! They’re mapped beautifully, though I admit they were initially hard to get over my large calves. Once in place, there are silicon dots around the ankles, calves, and thighs that help hold the tights in place. The flat waistband helps in that department as well. Describing these makes them seem potentially uncomfortable, but they were not noticeable while running at all.

Sizing-wise, I’ve noticed a few comments on length; they are on the shorter end and will rest a little bit above the ankle. I also had a size larger than typical.

Because of the merino wool base layer on the inside and the combination of high-quality technical fabrics, the thinness didn’t have me worried after the first runs. I pushed the cold limit many times in these tights, finding it to be around the 15 degrees Fahrenheit mark before noticeably feeling the cold come through. I’ve even been down in the negative temperatures and fared fine — my thighs were red though.

These are a durable pair of tights that have taken well over a hundred miles of trail beating by now. The most wear I have seen is pilling between the thighs where they rub together. Otherwise, I’ve caught branches, rubbed against bushes, etc while running past and haven’t had a puncture.

As for storage, there’s a rear pocket that was just big enough to hold a moderate-sized phone. It was hard enough to get it in and out that I resorted to wearing my running belt when running with my phone. The pocket was a great spot to fit keys and a gel or two, though.

I’m going to hand these the “Best Tights Ever” award. Whether for daily winter running or for a frigid race, the Soar WoolTech Tights will win the day.

PRICE: $215

Shop The Gear - Men

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