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Soar Running Apparel Review | Winter 2023

soar winter running 2023 - feature

What You Need To Know

  • London-based run apparel
  • Premium construction and sleek design
  • Winter collection features windbreaker, run tights, and anorak
  • Fit is slim so make sure you confirm your size measurements
  • Available now

Running apparel has a come a long way in the past ten years. We had moved on from cotton, sure, but the polyester “tech tee” (i.e. every race premium), was stuck in its own rut for awhile. However, in the last few years, we’ve seen a slew of run brands elevate the quality and design of run gear, and in the process, seizing on that “above-average disposable income” segment of runners. While the most obvious standouts here in the U.S. are brands like Tracksmith, Janji, Rabbit, and Path Projects, the Euro game takes it to a whole other level.

From the designer labels like Satisfy to the limited design drops of Saysky, there is certain quality that separates themselves from their counterparts across the pond. And then there’s Soar. Based out of London, Soar looks at every detail of run apparel and builds it from the ground up, leaving no stone unturned, no stitch off pattern. It’s premium gear through and through. From the fits to the fabric, from the design to the development, their process is thorough and precise. And it shows. It’s some of the most interesting and functional gear out there, and we’re happy whenever we get some in for testing.

Of course, that all comes at a price, and it is a premium one. But if you’re looking for a piece for when that performance bonus hits, you can’t do much better than Soar. Check out our review of the latest collection for winter 2023.

NOTE: Soar running apparel tends to run very snug, so be sure to check your measurements before you order.

soar putting on shoes

Soar Windbreaker

soar running windbreaker

MEAGHAN: The Soar Windbreaker has become my go-to outer layer for temps between 30-40F degrees. It also works as a base layer (the interior lining is silky soft) on those slightly warmer days, which makes it one of the most versatile jackets out there. The fabric is very stretchy, great for range of motion, and it’s designed with reflective seams throughout for extra visibility on those early morning runs. 

There’s a drawcord on the lower back to keep the core warm and offer a nice silhouette shape. The lower back also features a pocket that could fit a phone or a couple gels. I went with my normal size small and it fit well. It’s fitted, but not tight. While the price point is on the higher end, at $200, because of its versatility, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

PRICE: $200

Shop Soar Windbreaker – Women Shop Soar Windbreaker – Men

Soar Run Tights

soar running tights

MEAGHAN: The Soar Run Tights are some of the lightest out there. Designed with their “exclusive French-milled fabric,” I was happily surprised at their warmth on the 30-40F degree days. My favorite detail is the silicone grippers placed around the waist, thighs, calves and ankles to keep the tights from slipping around. Just like the windbreaker, there are reflective panels throughout and a zippered rear pocket for a phone or some gels. While I’d probably opt for something a little more substantial in those very cold temps (20F and under), these tights are great for those mild winter days. 

PRICE: $152

Shop Run Tights – Women Shop Dual Fabric Tights – Men soar winter tight

Soar Winter Anorak

soar running anorak

THOMAS: Sometimes you don’t need a jacket that unzips all the way, thats when you turn to the anorak. So what if they’re harder to get in and out of? Once you do have it on, you find the magic. And in this case the magic comes in a form fitting package.

I went up a size from my normal medium to a large. Even with the size upgrade, there isn’t much room to mess around. So if you’re used to wearing USA size medium, be prepared to go up a size across the board with Soar. But back to the perks of the garment. The seamless Italian Storm Fabric is treated with a water repellent and does a bang-up job of mitigating the unpleasant winter winds. The soft brushed side of the fabric treats you to some surprising comfort. The Winter Anorak is insulated enough to keep you comfortable from the 25-35F range.

PRICE: $338

Shop Soar Anorak – Men soar winter anorak

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