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SLS3 Compression Sleeves & Stance socks review

We were contacted by SLS3 and Stance socks to review a pair of sleeves/socks. Here are our thoughts on the two.

SLS3 Compression Sleeves

Meaghan I tried out the SLS3 Butterfly compression sleeves in Azure blue. They’re bright and fit well; snug but not too constricting. They’re a little challenging to get over your ankle, but I’d rather have compression sleeves that are a little tight, versus a little loose. I primarily use compression sleeves for racing, so I’m sensitive to the material and its sweat-wicking ability. The SLS3 worked well. They’re breathable and still maintain structure and support throughout long runs.

The only real negative I had on these socks was the look. I tried to love the butterflies. I don’t love the butterflies.

I wasn’t familiar with the SLS3 brand prior to receiving our sample compression sleeves. They have a pretty cute background story, which you can read here. Overall, I like the sleeves. They performed well and they’re reasonably priced ($44.90). So far, the material seems to be holding up well and I don’t see much wear at all. If you’re looking for a new pair of compression sleeves or haven’t found ones you love yet, give SLS3 a try.

Thomas: I received the black calf sleeves to try out. They fit well and the compression held up after several wears. Let’s be honest there isn’t much to say about compression sleeves other than fit and durability. The SLS3 did the job. If you are looking to get some sleeves you should consider SLS3 sleeves. They are made by two Germans that fell in love and shared a passion for the tight stuff. You can’t go wrong there, am I right? They have a good coupon on their site for 40% off your first order.

Stance Socks

Meaghan: I received the Stance Heartbeat Crew socks.  They’re comfortable, breathable and keep your feet cool. The classic Crew length is not always my favorite style, but I dig these. They have an “anatomical fit” so they’re built specifically for your right and left feet. Stance added some padding through toe and heel that offers some extra comfort and durability. While these are great socks, they aren’t giving them away. One pair will cost you $18; a little pricey if you ask me. That being said, I haven’t seen any sort of wear. These socks will definitely go the miles.

Thomas: I love the style of the Stance socks. I got the Bandit Crew. I actually bought some at a skate shop in NYC, just cause they looked rad. I’m cool like that. The socks Stance sent looked bitch’n too. As far as running in the socks, there wasn’t any advantage over any other athletic sock like Feetures! or SwiftWick other than the Stance look like they could Kung Fu kick the rear end off a run. I kid you not, these are funky socks. Not funky smelly, funky like Kool and the Gang or Parliment Funkadelic.  One disappointing thing was when after one wash the reflective logo on the back of both socks came off. I tried not to cry.


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