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Skins DNAmic Compression Long Tights

Skins DNAmic Compression tights

Skins DNAmic Compression Tights

Thomas: Tights are hard to review in the warmer temps. Skins sent us long tights in the middle of a sweltering muggy Baltimore Summer. No need to write “sweltering muggy” if you know what summer is like in July and August in the mid-Atlantic coast states. When it finally cooled off, we put the tights to the test. For this review, we are covering fit and quality and leaving out thermal qualities. It isn’t cold enough to tell how the Skins DNAmic Long Tights perform as a thermal base layer.

Starting with the sizing, Skins compression fits body mass, not just waist size. You will need to use their sizing chart to get the proper fit. Height and weight matter. Mine fit perfectly, I am 5’11” 165 lb. Legs were tight, the waist fits comfortably without making muffin tops.

The compression is real. Although there are not noticeable differences in the materials used to create the tights like you might find in CW-x tights, there is targeted compression. It is noticeable. Thighs and calves are supported well, without feeling restrictive while running.

The quality of the Skins DNAmic Compression Long Tights is up there with comparable brands. These should last for many seasons.

Meaghan: The new DNAmic compression gear is a project that SKINS collaborated with Sydney based street artist – James Jirat Patradoon. The designs are simple with biomechanically placed seams that wrap around the muscles. They’re comfortable tights. Unlike other compression gear I’ve tried, the material isn’t super thick. The technical construction of SKINS DNAmic Thermal uses a combination of 3 fabrics that are both super comfortable and super breathable.

The coldest it’s been in Baltimore this fall has been high 40’s, so I can’t speak much to the temperature regulating aspect. The tights did a nice job of wicking sweat, but I still prefer shorts in warmer weather. These are quality tights that I’m sure will get plenty of use this winter.

For more information or to purchase Skins visit the Skins website.



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