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Running Apparel • July 21, 2023

Saucony Elite Kit Review: Green Means Go

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What You Need To Know

Second skin

Saucony’s material all but disappears on the run

Tricky colors

Can you match this green?

Options, options, options

The collection includes shorts, tights, and singlets

MERCER: With the recent drop of the new neon green Endorphin Elite, Saucony finally has a new green color for its Elite Kit, which it calls Umbra (if you look up Umbra, it’s just weird browns). I got to try out the singlet and half tights. While each one had its ups and downs, this kit could be a go-to for some upcoming races.

Green means go

What can brown do for you?

Saucony Elite Singlet & Half Tights

MERCER: Let me get this out of the way, I’ve always been — and will forever be — team split shorts. Was I disappointed when I got the tights instead of the shorts? Yes. But I also didn’t ask Robbe if I had a choice, so that may be my bad. Anyway, I grew to love the Saucony Elite half tights.

While I don’t have many shoes to match the weird color, I reached for this kit more often than I thought I would. The material fits perfectly and molds pretty well to your body. And unlike Nike’s Aeroswift, Saucony’s tights become more like a second skin because of how thin the material is (but not see-through). This helps a lot with wicking away moisture and drying, which is very helpful in the swamp that is northern Virginia. Saucony also adds some rubber dots along the hem of the legs, which hold the tights wherever you set them — so no riding up during a run! While I didn’t use the feature, Saucony added a drawcord along the waist in case you need to sinch it up just a little more than the elastic does.

The singlet is pretty solid, too — there isn’t too much I can say about it. It dries really quickly, which gives it a huge step up from some brands… I mean Tracksmith. The fit is a little more traditional with a small shoulderblade cutout in the back but nothing crazy like Nike Aeroswift. But other than that, it is a very simple and lightweight singlet.

If you aren’t wearing the full getup, it’s impossible to match any of these colors. And holy crap, you look goofy if you’re wearing a full-branded race getup on a regular run.

Saucony, you gotta give us at least one pocket for our hopes and dreams. I don’t carry any nutrition or car keys when I run, but plenty of people do, and they won’t be able to wear these shorts.

Oh, and Body Glide. That’s all I’m gonna say to keep it PG.

PRICE: $50-$110

Shop Saucony Elite Kit - Men Shop Saucony Elite Kit - Women

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