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RunBK Apparel Review

You do not have to live in Brooklyn to understand the vibe. Brooklyn has gone through a renaissance, from Manhattan’s grungy sibling where hip-hop, indie bands, storytellers, turnstile hoppers, and crime flourished, to an upscale trendsetting borough. Through all the changes, Brooklyn has maintained grit, a New York City attitude that nothing is given, you have to earn your spot. That edge provides Brooklyn universal appeal. Anyone with a little grit can identify with the RunBK brand.

RunBK sent me four items to review. I’ll start with my favorite.


The WillyB Camo Short

The WillyB has quickly earned a spot in my top drawer. If they are clean, I will probably throw them on. There is a nylon/spandex boxer liner that will keep you secure with enough material going down the legs to keep the chafing at bay. The Camo print on the shorts is badass and breaks up my standard black collection of shorts. The red ties are functional and add a little pop to the look. So basically, the shorts look as good as they function. There are two internal hip pockets for GU etc. and one zippered waterproof back pocket. I would not run with a phone back there; it would swing around way too much. During a half marathon, I was able to store my gloves comfortably in the pocket. My only suggestion for the shorts would be a 4″ inseam instead of the 5″.

RunBK Wonder Hat

The Wonder Hat

The Wonder Hat is a rad cap built for sweaty heads. The materials are sweat wicking and won’t get misshapen in the wash. There is a sizeable reflective logo on the front, so you look cool even in low light running. I have a tiny head, like circus tiny. The hat is one size fits all, and I had lots of leftover velcro closure once I adjusted it for my peanut sized dome. If you have a giant head and are looking for a hat to fit that melon, you have found your crown.


The Kings Pullover

The Kings Pullover is a little deceiving. It is warmer than you might expect. I ran in 40º F with ten mph winds, and the only thing I had on was the Kings Pullover. Well, shorts, shoes, socks, gloves, and hat too. I was surprised by how the shirt held up against the wind. While not described as windbreaking, the thickness and density of the material blocked the wind and kept me comfortable. The look is upscale with a 3-button placket closure at the neck, a flattering slim fit, thumb holes, and attention to stitching details. Since the shirt is for running, it also has some reflective elements.

McCarren Track PantThe McCarren Track Pant

The McCarren are real track pants, what I mean is, they are good for warm-ups and wearing over your shorts. I ran an 8-mile run in them, while they were fine, they just aren’t what I want for longer mileage. I will stick to tights for long cold runs. The style and fit is spot on with a comfortable waist and tapered leg. These are perfect for throwing on after your workout and hanging out, running errands, or lounging around the house.

See all the RunBK gear here.



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