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Roark Run Amok Fall 2022 Collection: Good Vibes, High Times

roark run amok - standing

What You Need To Know

  • West coast laid back vibes
  • Kind of meant for running, kind of not
  • Collection includes t-shirts, shorts, and more
  • Why does it get so cold in the Northeast? Help us.

Thomas is from the West Coast, Robbe is not, but one time in college his theater professor told him he belonged in the ’60s, so he’ll take that as an “almost.” We also hate winter and have once been to Joshua Tree, so I guess we’re straight SoCal at this point.

Anyway, California-based Roark Run Amok has been putting out some nice gear for awhile, and we often find ourselves reaching for it.  As I typed that sentence, I just realized I’m wearing their El Morro Fleece Pants right now (see that review below). They’re pretty much my go-to cold weather jogger from fall to spring here in Baltimore.

Anyway, we got a bunch of their running apparel in a few weeks ago and thought we should put it on here and share the love, so maybe you can feel the love too.

Also, yes, we embarrassed ourselves with these photos and we apologize to all the Fell’s Point tourists who endured.

Mathis Short Sleeve Knit

Would we classify this shirt as a “running shirt”? Probably not, at least not for serious efforts. We have worn it on shorter runs with temps in the 50s, and it works fine. After all, it may be a premium cotton, but it’s still cotton. That said, it is made from a lightweight DriRelease jersey knit which makes it one of the softest and most comfortable tees we own. It also dries four times faster than normal cotton.

You know when a shirt just fits you right? That’s what this is– cut properly without being too tight, providing just the right fit for whatever you’re doing. Incredibly soft and we find ourselves wearing it often.

PRICE: $59

Shop Mathis SS Knit

Alta Light Shorts 5″

We’ve reviewed the Alta short before, but the Alta Light takes it to a whole new level.  These 5″ shorts are true running shorts with a lightweight nylon 4-way stretch material and micro-perforations on the front body and back yoke to keep things much cooler.

A nice-sized pocket on the backside holds a phone or gels and has a huge bonus aspect– it’s lined with a waterproof coated fabric so sweat doesn’t get in and soak everything. Definitely our favorite thing about these shorts, as we can’t recall seeing it on other shorts we’ve tested in recent memory. Second favorite aspect is the back side stash pockets that are extended with envelope closures so you can be sure nothing falls out. Basically, you can carry a bunch of shit on your run.

The notch hem slit is a bit different than other shorts, which we like because it gives it some character. The only thing we wish were improved on these shorts is the waistband, which isn’t “elastic” enough. Essentially, the drawstring holds up the shorts. It could just be our preference though, it’s the same waistband found in Nike Trail shorts.

Lastly, we love the designs on the shorts. They’re weird, they’re wild, they’re out there– but you’ll stand out when you want to and blend in when you need to.

PRICE: $79

Shop Alta Light Shorts

El Morro Fleece Pants

Since it is almost winter, and since we haven’t reviewed these since we first got them in last year, let’s re-up this one. The El Morro fleece pant is basically what I wear for half of the year. Yes, I’m wearing them now. Yes, I’ll probably wear them tomorrow. I live in the city, my kids go to school in the city, so I actually found them perfect for stroller jogging the mile to school on those 25-35F days. They’re made from a Nylon Viscose Stretch double face fleece, which means they’ll keep you warm but provide excellent coverage and adaptability to various activities. They’re thick enough that you will legitimately sweat in warmer temperatures (don’t run in them above 40F), but can provide excellent protection on shorter runs.

I love the pocket placement and cut of the pants… I mean I just love everything about them.

Best of all– they’re absolutely perfect for lounging or running errands, or hanging out, or working in the Believe in the Run offices. I’m gonna be real, I know they’re almost $100, but this is the most value I’ve gotten out of any item in this roundup, and more value than most clothes I own.

PRICE: $99

Shop El Morro Fleece Pants

Enjoy that dopamine, however you get it!


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