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Red Fox EDGE Bluetooth Headset Review & Give Away

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Review by Meaghan Murray

I first came across Red Fox when we were in Vail running the Transrockies. They had a booth setup for a local running event, the KEEN Kids Adventure Race. I was immediately drawn to the wireless headphones they were demoing. A few weeks later, we contacted the brand who happily provided us with a sample to review. Here are my thoughts on the EDGE nano-coated Bluetooth Headset, S/M 4.5 Sports Bicep Sleeve, and HIPSTER Magnetic running pocket.

The Good

FACT: Wireless is better.

I don’t like running with headphones for two main reasons: a) if you sweat a lot (like, I do) they tend to fall out and b) I’ve found the chords slap me in the face more often than not. So, you can imagine I was eager to try out a wireless option.

Like any wireless device, Red Fox must be synced with your iPhone (or whatever gadget you’re using). It’s a simple process and after the initial pairing, it’s a breeze.  As someone who’s used to waiting for their Garmin to sync, this process seemed magical.

The headset is structured with a loop to fit around your ears and rests behind the neck. There are a couple ways to wear them (loop up or down), but I found the loop-up method worked best for me. They take a little adjusting, but once you’ve found a comfortable position, they’re not going anywhere. One of my favorite aspects of the headset is the secure fit. They’re also structured with buttons on both sides to control the music and volume. So the next time Taylor Swift starts to rap in that one part of “Shake it off” (and TOTALLY ruins it) you can easily skip to the next song. Plus, the headset comes with a built-in microphone so you can make calls mid-run or bike ride. To be honest, I had doubts anyone would be able to hear me with the microphone sitting behind my head, but I stand corrected.  I had a delightful phone call with my mother one Sunday morning on a recovery run.

In addition to the headset, I received the Sport Sleeve and HIPSTER running pocket to carry my iPhone. Both carriers work well, but I tend to gravitate towards the Sport Sleeve. It’s comfortable and fits snugly around the bicep. It works for both singlets and long-sleeves and left no sign of chaffing.

The Bad

The headset takes some getting used to. After running for a couple years with small ear buds, the Red Fox headset is very apparent. They feel heavy and they can actually be painful if you wear them for long periods of time. The only other downfall is that they’re limiting in nature. I love running in the rain, and (while I’m very aware that my ear buds shouldn’t be taken out in the rain either) I’m much less concerned about potentially losing $20, than the $99 Red Fox headphones go for.

The Overall

The newest version of the Red Fox EDGE Headphones I received feature a nano-coating. This process was added to protect the device from sweat and moisture due to normal use. While I haven’t been able to truly test this facet out, I feel confident in the quality of products that Red Fox offers. If you’re looking for an alternative to everyday wired headphones, I would recommend trying the EDGE headset and sport sleeve. Just make sure you try them on first; I think the weight and design is tolerable for many, but not for all.

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  1. Starla McGorty says:

    I have one and LOVE it. Like can’t run without it. Mine recently died and bob and the Red Fox crew were awesome to get one to me for my big race and I can’t thank them enough. Everyone needs one of these!

  2. Brian Devlin says:

    These headphones were nice in the beginning, they fit great in my ear, and stayed in place while i was running, But in less then a year they broke. The battery wouldn’t hold a charge at all. I wouldn’t be upset if these were 20 dollar headphones but I expect better quality headphones when you pay 100 bucks

  3. Gabby says:

    I had mine for 3 years and they finally gave up.. I’m so sad to realize I can’t replace them and don’t even know what happened to red fox ? they were the best head phones I’ve used for running. Lost now that mine are broken☹️

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