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Rabbit Winter 2023 Apparel Review: Snug As Can Be

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What You Need To Know

  • All the High Country flannel you can handle
  • Some new silhouettes, some updates, all good
  • Either get it now, or let Santa know about it

TAYLOR: Winter is here. Everything slows as the cold sets in. Well, mostly everything. Not runners. We keep steppin’ even when everything isn’t peppin’. Thankfully Rabbit has our back in the winter, with goods to keep us cozy, comfortable, and rad throughout the whole season, whether tromping through snow forests or catching coffee with a friend afterward. Here’s a fair warning that you’ll want to put all of these things on your list for Santa this year.

ALEX: Rabbit is coming in hot with their winter drop. Each year they raise the bar on the quality and variety of their seasonal pieces. Building on some of their best-selling designs, the winter lineup did not disappoint.

High Country Jacket

rabbit winter high country 1

TAYLOR: This one is an auto-favorite. From looks to feel, the High Country Jacket is that heavy woolen jacket you need (yes, need!) for mountain mornings or at least when you want to feel like you’re there. It’s like a mini weighted blanket that gives a surprising amount of warmth for a mid-weight jacket. I used it for various temps and activities and found it right at home in that 30-50 degree range (with a base layer for the cooler temps).

ALEX: I might be the world’s biggest shacket fan, and I love that running brands are making them increasingly more functional. The High Country jacket is a relaxed-fitting, warm jacket. I tend to get warm in a big winter jacket, so paired with a sweatshirt, this combination is perfect for most temps.

There are two front button chest pockets and two front side pockets that are perfectly placed. I love the neutral colorways and boxy, cropped fit. My preference is to size up one or two sizes to be able to throw this over an oversized hoody or sweater. This is my favorite piece from the Rabbit collection to date.

My only complaint is the sleeve length, they run a little short.

PRICE: $150

Shop High Country Jacket – Men Shop High Country Jacket – Women

Cocoon 2.0

rabbit winter cocoon 1

TAYLOR: Calling all creatures of the great white North. Rabbit wants to bring you relief from the bitterly cold winter. The Cocoon 2.0 takes an already popular cold weather running top and gives it another layer of “fat” for those bitter days on the trail. A moderately thick, stretchy, and fitted outer pairs perfectly with the fleece lining. The result is weather-resistant warmth that wraps around your torso like a, you know, cocoon.

What’s most impressive about the Rabbit winter Cocoon 2.0 are the details. Not only is the hood fitted, but it also has an integrated breathable balaclava. The thinner material stretches across the nose and everything below. Even though it’s fitted, it’s not as tight as wearing a buff and stays in place. It can easily be pulled down to fit below the nose or chin comfortably. It’s saved my face on those single-digit and subzero days already.

Last, the Cocoon 2.0 serves what runners want in a winter garment with thumb holes AND watch windows on both sleeves. Booyah, Grandma — I mean, it’s cool.

ALEX: Okay, I’m going to be honest. I don’t love this shirt. Here are the things I appreciate: the material is thick, warm, and water-resistant, and I love the interior fleece lining. I like the opening in the hood for a ponytail since I have a lot of hair and often find myself wrestling unnecessarily with it in the winter, trying to shove it all into a buff or a hood. The thumbholes and overall fit are great.

Here is the thing I don’t like: the built-in face mask is a deal breaker for me. It fits tight and feels restrictive, making me slightly claustrophobic and anxious. Sidenote — have you ever put your hooded sweatshirt backward? Are you imagining doing that right now? Do you feel claustrophobic and anxious? If not, you will love this shirt, per Taylor’s comments above. If yes, you might want to skip it. To be fair, they named the shirt appropriately, so I was ready.

When it’s so cold that I need something to cover my face, I don’t want material right up against it because when it gets wet, there’s no option to loosen or adjust it. There is an option to pull it down, but more material around my neck gets claustrophobic in the winter.

PRICE: $125

Shop Cocoon 2.0 – Men Shop Cocoon 2.0 – Women

Dawn to Dusk Jacket

rabbit winter dawn to dusk 1

TAYLOR: The name says it all. This is a great casual jacket to grab day in and day out for the cooler seasons of life. The look is a little more sophisticated than the High Country jacket and feels a touch lighter. It would fall into the medium-weight category. A quilt-like feel gives the Dawn to Dusk a comfortably light feel while producing some warmth.

If you dig the mountains, the subtle touches of inner plaid and Rabbit Trail mountain print on the exterior will certainly be appreciated.

ALEX: The Dawn to Dusk Jacket is filled with eco-thermal insulation partially made from recycled coffee grounds and lined with the best-selling High Country Flannel. The jacket is wind resistant, comfortable, and warm. It has a semi-relaxed fit with front metal snaps. There are two concealed, front-side zip pockets that easily fit most phones.

I’m not a fan of the cloud dancer mountain colorway as I tend to always get it dirty when brushing up against the car or eating winter snacks… for me, dark colors are best. The jacket is also not very packable and takes up quite a bit of space in my gear bag.

PRICE: $150

Shop Dawn to Dusk Jacket – Men Shop Dawn to Dusk Jacket – Women

Swish 2.0 Pullover

rabbit winter swish 1

TAYLOR: If we’re being honest, even though I like the new Swish 2.0 Pullover look, it was hard for me to figure out where it would fall in my lineup of layers. Typically if I go for a wind/weather resistant layer, I want something with a hood or is more substantial. Once I threw this on over a base layer, I was quickly redirected in my thinking.

This half-zip pullover creates a nice fitting light wind layer. I find that’s the whole point of the garment. It’s a quick and simple solution to block from the elements. It’s aptly named Swish because of its 100% polyester construction — which is wind/weather resistant by nature. Even though it does fit “slim,” it does not feel constricting in any way (I’ve had some issues in the past with shoulders feeling tight in some Rabbit garments), even if the collar is fully zipped.

ALEX: I love the lightweight feel and design of the Rabbit winter Swish 2.0 Pullover. This is a half-zip version of the popular Swish Jacket. The fit is flattering and comfortable, and the fresh salmon colorway is great for shoulder season visibility. It also packs into the front chest zipper pocket. The pocket is large enough to hold a phone, although I wouldn’t put something that heavy in the chest pocket due to the bounce.

I don’t love the feeling of the inside, it has a little bit of a sticky, rubbery feel that, when wet, isn’t super pleasant, which puts this one in the hiking/low output category for me.

PRICE: $120

Shop Swish 2.0 Pullover – Men Shop Swish 2.0 Pullover – Women

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