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Running Apparel • August 17, 2023

Rabbit Running Shorts Review: The Pacer and The Pack Rat

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What You Need To Know

To pocket, or not to pocket

That is the question

Colors, colors, colors

Rabbit comes correct with all the blues of summer

Different strokes

Men and women have slightly different cuts for both styles

KALEB: Long ago, when I first joined my school’s cross country team, I made myself a vow that I’d never stoop to wearing short shorts. I would protect the innocent. I would spare those who could not bear the blinding sheen of my untanned thighs. In a world that seemed dead set on dressing its athletes in the goofiest-looking gear imaginable, I would be the runner that went the other way.

Then, I got to review a pair of 3-inch running shorts. One pair turned to three, which turned to five, and it’s been a downward spiral ever since.

Whether you love the look or hate it, it’s hard to deny that from a performance aspect, running apparel has gotten better and better over the past few years in both variety and quality. Rabbit is one of the brands up at that cutting edge of apparel development, and it makes sense because the California-based brand started with what else but running shorts.

I received two pairs of Rabbit’s finest 3-inch shorts — the FKT 2.0 and the Fuel n’ Fly — and ran some toasty summer miles to bring you my honest thoughts.

Rabbit FKT 2.0 (3-inch)

KALEB: Half trail short, half style piece, half suitcase, the Rabbit FKT 2.0 is loaded up with all the pockets a runner could want. Two elastic side pockets that are big enough to hold a phone, water bottles, gels, and a young child run the length of the waistband. In the back, a smaller, zippered pocket is ready and able to hold on to your keys or wallet. The breathable ripstop-style fabric never chafed on my runs and dried quickly, even when thoroughly soaked. Rabbit’s colorways are always bangers, and the Orion Blue colorway that I received is no exception.

By the way, the women’s version is called the Summit Chaser. It’s the same idea and the same style, just in a more accommodating cut.

PRICE: $75

Shop Rabbit FKT - Men Shop Rabbit Summit Chaser - Women

Rabbit Fuel n’ Fly (3-inch)

KALEB: If the FKT 2.0 is a minivan, the Fuel n’ Fly is a Miata: storage is sacrificed for sleek speed. A small zippered pocket in the back is the perfect size for keys or gels, and two front internal pockets hold any other small odds and ends you run with. Other than that, this short is made for speed. Breathable, lightweight, and coming in a variety of colors, the Fuel n’ Fly is probably my favorite pair of shorts I’ve received.

PRICE: $75

Shop Rabbit Fuel n' Fly - Men Shop Rabbit Fuel n' Fly - Women

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