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Running Apparel • September 28, 2023

Praise Endurance Apparel Review: A Woman’s Take on Inclusive Running Gear

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What You Need To Know


Inclusive, accessible, and radically diverse running apparel


A mix of shorts, bralettes, and jackets



Introduction to Praise Endurance running apparel

LINDSAY: Praise Endurance has made its way south into the US market with a refreshingly unique mission: to offer unisex clothing that promotes “accessibility, diversity, and radical inclusion.” Dubbed “Run and Apres Run Gear,” there’s something different about Praise that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe it’s just because I wasn’t sure what apres meant. Then, I found out that Praise Endurance is based in Montreal and learned that apres means after, so this must be stylish gear both for on the run and after you finish up. Talk about radical inclusion, amirite?

Fellow reviewer Alex had already dabbled a bit with what Praise had to offer and had nothing but, well, praise, so I was admittedly pretty stoked to get new gear through the door. I do get a little nervous when reviewing clothes, though, because while I’m a pretty petite gal, I’ve got some awkward sizing features. True to size is rarely something that resonates with me because I don’t really have one true size. Somehow, though, Praise Endurance made me feel like I did.

True to size applies perfectly to Praise’s sizing chart because it’s true to the measurements provided — so make sure you use them. See my thoughts on the Abaddon shorts to find out what happens when you don’t trust the chart…

While you’re down there, check out the much happier tales of running in the rest of Praise Endurance’s apparel. There’s certainly more praise than pain to be had.

Praise Endurance Montana Crop Top

LINDSAY: If you know me, you know I love my crop tops. They’re not always crowd favorites due to midriff exposure, but your girl’s got a short torso, so cut me some slack. The Montana was a bit shorter than a typical crop, though. I’d describe it more like a longline, high-neck sports bra minus the padding. I normally don’t choose to wear my tops without any padding, but I didn’t mind this one. It’s snug enough that I didn’t feel like I needed any, and the soft fabric is also thick without being too warm.

Overall, the Montana is very comfortable, with no chafing at the seams. It’s also super stretchy, so getting it on and off is a breeze. If you’re a matching set girl, this top sits quite a bit above the waistline of the Osaka shorts, and the Poolhouse colorway matches to a T. I personally loved both pieces (we’ll get to the Osaka in a sec). I only wish it came in more colors, and by more colors, I mean black.

PRICE: $68

Shop Praise Endurance Montana Crop Top

Praise Endurance Osaka Shorts

LINDSAY: The Osaka shorts were easily one of my favorite pieces. I got a Small based on my jeans size, and when I first took them out of the shipping bag, I immediately thought, “These are never going to fit me.” They looked so small. Fortunately, they are soft and stretchy, just like the Montana top, and slid on like a pair of powdered surgical gloves. I’d call the Osaka high-rise shorts (and then some) with a small hem at the waist. Also, take note that the waist is not adjustable.

With two side pockets that are large and secure enough for a phone and gels, these shorts are extremely runner-friendly. They are also thigh-friendly in that they run just long enough to reduce the risk of chafing but are short enough that you don’t feel like you’re wearing biker shorts.

There’s also a smaller pocket in the back for keys. None of the pockets are zippered, if that matters to you, but I never felt like anything was going to fly out. Riding up was not an issue either. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I do wish these came in black because they would be a staple in my run kits.

PRICE: $78

Shop Praise Endurance Osaka Shorts

Praise Endurance Boddhi Bralette

LINDSAY: I’ve never tried a sports bra like the Boddhi, but I was pleasantly surprised. There’s not much to this piece, but, man, does it hold the (itty bitty) girls in.

I’m a size 34B in bras, and I went with a size Small. Unfortunately, Praise’s size chart only includes tops and bottoms — no specific bra sizing — so I had to do some guesswork. The Boddhi is snug but not painfully tight, so I probably could’ve gone with a medium for more comfort around the torso seam, but I preferred the tighter fit for more support while running. It’s described as medium support, and I would agree with that, given the low v-cut. Sizing up or down for more or less support, respectively, isn’t out of the question either because the material is so stretchy.

The description on Praise Endurance’s website states that there are removable pads, but they seemed to be missing from mine. I didn’t see a place for inserts either, so it’s possible that’s a typo or a description of a different product. This bra is very minimalist, so don’t expect to hold a Koala Clip or anything with your phone either.

Overall, this is a very cute piece for the style. It’s also very soft with a mix of durable polyester and elastane material. It’s probably not something I’d go for a run in, but it’s definitely something I’d put on for stationary biking or strength days. I also love that most of the Praise tops have a reflective “P” logo on the front. Safety first.

PRICE: $58

Shop Praise Endurance Boddhi Bralette

Praise Endurance Abaddon Split Shorts

LINDSAY: Unfortunately, I asked for (and received) a Medium in the Abaddon Split Shorts and learned a vital Praise Endurance lesson: stick to the sizing guide. These shorts were, quite simply, way too big. I normally have to size up in bottoms, especially spandex, but, as I said earlier, Praise is true to its sizing guide.

However, I do question the sizing guide just a bit, and here’s why. The spandex layers under the shorts actually fit quite nicely — it’s just the outer split layer and waistband that were wayyy too large. I’d be curious to try a Small to see if it was more comfortable.

For reference, my jeans size is either 27 or 28, depending on the manufacturer. Sizing up put me in a Medium for the Abaddon short, and sizing down put me in a Small.

PRICE: $96

Shop Praise Endurance Abaddon Shorts

Praise Endurance Tucson Rain Jacket

LINDSAY: From the moment I unpacked this jacket, I knew I would love it, and I was right. I don’t even mind that I easily could’ve sized it down to an extra small because the adjustable hem with reflective drawcords made it so the small was just fine to wear. The sleeves run a bit long, but the soft tape finishing at the cuff makes them easy to hike up a bit.

I wore this jacket during my run through Tropical Storm Ophelia, and it was perfect. It’s not entirely waterproof, but it repelled enough water to where I didn’t feel soaked or weighed down. I also loved the opening at the back that allowed ventilation without taking on water. When I went back to shelter (a local coffee shop), it took no time at all for the jacket to completely dry.

The front pocket is sort of useless for runners because, though, since it’s large and doesn’t really hold anything securely. Still, it’s there if you choose to wear the Tucson for leisure and want to hold your ID or cash. The fabric is softer than your typical water-resistant jacket and isn’t noisy when moving. Mentioning movement, one of my favorite parts about the Tucson jacket is its lack of restriction. It’s not tight but also isn’t so loose that it becomes a nuisance. It comes in a whopping nine colorways, which includes a crowd favorite around here: black.
Just a really great rain jacket for running, in my opinion.

PRICE: $154

Shop Praise Endurance Tucson Jacket

Praise Endurance running apparel conclusion

LINDSAY: While Praise Endurance is still in its infancy, I think it’s on the right track. You can tell the creative gears are turning. Praise suggests washing its items on cold and then laying them out flat to dry, and by following their suggestion, I’ve noticed none of the items have any pilling. Quality products all around.

A few notes to the Praise team, though. First of all, the Size Chart and 1% for the Planet links in each item’s description don’t work. I kept getting 404 errors when trying to find what, in my opinion, is important information. However, I was able to locate the Size Chart next to where you choose your size. It was also a bit of a nuisance to have to scroll through an entire grid of products in order to see your color options rather than opening a dropdown menu.

Minor quirks aside, I’m very excited to buy more Praise Endurance items in the future. I’ve started following the brand on Instagram so I can keep up with its new drops, and you should too. The prices are wholly comparable to other athletic wear like Janji and Rabbit, and it appears that a portion of your purchase goes toward saving the planet, but we’ll know more when that link gets fixed.

Shop All Praise Endurance Running Apparel

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