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Pearl Izumi Fly Split Short Review

When Pearl Izumi contacted Believe in the Run about testing some of their new 2012 products, I was super excited!  A few weeks ago, their Women’s Pro Series Fly Split Shorts, which come in Black, True Red and lime, arrived.  With spring in the air, I was antsy to give them a try.   Because of the IN-SANE weather in St. Louis, I’ve given these shorts a go in 30°F, 80°F, sleet/rain and indoors on the treadmill.  Here is what I came up with:

Before trying them on, I knew they were going to fit nicely.  They have a great low rise (3″ inseam), which is tough to find without folding over a waistband.   The fabric is ridiculously soft and I had no issues with rubbing or chaffing on the waistband.  I also noticed how lightweight they are.  Despite having a float liner, they remain lighter than average.   A note on the liner…what a comfortable fit!  Instead of feeling like I was wearing granny panties, they are cut more bikini style…as close as I’ll ever get to running in briefs.  I feel like I have to earn that right and until I qualify for the Olympic trials, I’ll stick to shorty shorts.   The split side is also a great feature.  It allows the leg to feel uninhibited when striding out and snaps back with it’s stretch mesh on the follow through.  During my 14 miler in the rain, I was surprised at how well the fabric performed.  I expected them be weighted down with water but they were able to withstand the elements and even wicked it away!   Even in opposite conditions they surpassed expectations.  There are several ventilation systems in place that make all the difference in the heat.


My only complaint about the shorts is the elastic waistband.  Where it is extremely comfortable, it is only tacked down with stitching in front and tended to roll (not completely) when washed.  I never had a problem with it rolling while worn but when pulling them up, I found myself having to adjust the waist to fit just right.  One other thing to note is the back envelope pocket.  It is inconspicuous and handy but I almost wish that it had a zipper.  It tucks over nicely but I’m so paranoid about losing my keys, that I’d love that extra bit of peace of mind.   Bottom line is that these are excellent warm weather training shorts and come highly recommended.  Now, if there were only some girlier colors to choose from…

– Jenny J.


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  1. Tammi Scott-Lynch says:

    I MUST get these!

  2. Rhielle says:

    These look amazing on you!  I can't wait to have my spring legs back so I can get out and enjoy these cute shorts.  Question, do you think that having that waist band only tacked down actually allows you to adjust them so they sit just so on your waist?  Or is it more of a hindrance?

  3. Jenny J says:

    Rhielle–There is a drawstring on the front inside (which I forgot to mention) so that you can adjust the waist.  The elastic has no relevance to that, though.  Really, it is just a preference and didin't affect the wear of the shorts.

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