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Oiselle Running Tights Review

Guest Author: Meredith Sullivan
I was completely ecstatic when Meaghan offered me two pairs of Oiselle tights to review.  I was familiar with the brand from social media and Runner’s World but until recently there were no local stores that carried the brand. I wanted to see the tights in person before buying them online (recently Charm City Run and their sister store, VITA, have started carrying a limited selection of Oiselle products).
Founded in 2007 in Seattle by Sally Bergeson and represented by elite runners such as Kara Goucher, Oiselle is all about empowering women to be stronger. I couldn’t wait to try out their apparel.  I was given the Meter Tights in Black (retail price $88) and the Bolt Tights in Green (retail price $76).

Oiselle Meter Tights

oiselle-tightsThe Good

I started with the Meter Tights, wearing them for a planned 20-miler on a windy November day.  The tights I was provided were a size small.  I probably would have chosen a medium if I picked them for myself, but this pair fit perfectly.  The medium weight fabric of these tights blocked the strong, cold wind along the Harbor yet weren’t too warm for the 45 degree day.  The stitching on these tights is flattering, especially the detailing at the ankle, and the crossover waistband was extremely comfortable. The waist on these sits a little lower in the front than most tights with the crossover falling just below the belly button.  They never slipped down while running (like so many other brands, where I find myself tugging at the waistband every few steps) and the amount of compression was just right for a long run.  The deep pockets at the back of the waistband held my key, a credit card and a Gu without a lot of added bulk.  The two separate pockets allowed me to separate my Gu from my other belongings so I didn’t lose my key when reaching for my fuel.  Normally waistband pockets don’t work for me; they tend to be too shallow and I’m constantly worried about my items falling out but the 3+” depth of these was perfect for carrying everything I needed securely and comfortably.  For the price and fit, I would love to have a few pairs of the Meter Tights in my wardrobe.

The Bad

 My wallet can’t afford to buy a pair in every color.

Oiselle Bolt Tights

Oiselle Bolt TightsThe Good

The Bolt Tights are well designed and have a fun pattern with their small thunderbolts and deep green color.  These tights are seamless and are thicker and heavier than the Meter Tights which bodes well in cooler weather.

The Bad

The Bolt tights don’t have the crossover waistband or the deep rear pockets that I was such of fan of in the Meter tights.  Honestly, after running in the Meter Tights which felt like a second skin, I didn’t love the fit and feel of these.  Part of that may be due to sizing – these again were a Small and I could definitely benefit from sizing up to a Medium.  I did a relatively short run in these and spent the majority of the miles tugging at the legs and waist trying to achieve a more comfortable fit.  These didn’t stay put and the fit issues were distracting.  I think in the correct size these may work for running in cooler weather but this particular pair wasn’t quite right for me.  I still love the look of the tight and plan on trying them out in a yoga class or on a walk – and if I’m being real, don’t be surprised to find me running errands in these on the weekends.


 Both pair of tights are very well made and held up to the washing machine (I air dried them per the website directions then tossed them into the dryer for a few minutes when they were nearly dry).  The price point for these are in line with a lot of your other major brands.  Neither pair is appropriate for extreme cold temperatures but would work well in the earlier winter weeks before it drops below freezing.

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  1. Great review!! Sometimes I wonder how honest reviewers are…but, being a fan of Oiselle and owning both of the tights you reviewed, I was happy to see an honest review! The bolt tights have been a disaster for me…no pockets and they literally fall down as I run. They are cute, but function fail!!

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