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Mizuno Running Apparel Review

The Mizuno team was kind enough to send us some summer apparel to test out. It seems like Baltimore skipped the nice spring weather and went straight from a frozen 20 to humid 80. Needless to say, we’ve put the gear through a serious sweat test. Here are our thoughts.

Meaghan’s Gear

  1. Phoenix Print 4.0 Shorts
  2. Kamiko 3/4 tights 
  3. Serenity Tee
  4. Jewel Tank

Phoenix Print 4.0 Shorts

I should start by saying I’m weird about shorts. I don’t like them baggy, but they can absolutely not be tight. I know, my logic makes no sense if we’re talking performance. Maybe one day I’ll get over it. Regardless, the Phoenix Print 4.0 shorts fit perfectly (size: small). They hug the waist, but not the thighs. They’re 100% polyester, built with a wide waistband and a 4″ inseam (3.5″ – 4.0″ is the only length I’ll wear… wow, yes I’m annoying). The material feels really soft but has this amazing ability to wick away sweat. I came home from a run one day dripping in sweat and within minutes the shorts felt dry. There’s a handy zippered pocket in the back that is perfect for a key (and mayyyybe one Gu. If you really jam it in there). I was provided with the black/rouge color scheme and I would probably sport them every morning if that wasn’t weird. And they were clean.

Jewel Tank 

For those of us ladies who prefer to run with a shirt on, the tank top is an *ESSENTIAL* piece of summer gear. The Jewel tank falls into this category of must-haves. It’s a fitted tank, (80% Polyester, 15% Spandex) with an Origami-inspired look. The pattern even comes with subtle reflective treatment, nice for the early morning/evening runs. I’m not going to lie, the design is a little dizzying, but it looks pretty cool out on the run. The fit is on point (size: small). It’s fitted, but stretches and breathes extremely well. I didn’t have any issues with hotspots, despite the snug fit through the chest, shoulders and arms.

Serenity Tee

I judged this tee real hard when I first put it on. It was a little baggy and I didn’t love the look. Then I took it out for a run and that changed everything. This tee feels cooler than the Jewel Tank out there. The material, which is 74% Polyester/26% Nylon is insanely light and breathable. It’s a barely-there feeling and it’s awesome for hot runs. Am I head over heels for this shirt? Nah, but it’s a seriously good option for those humid, hot days.

Kamiko 3/4 Tights

Remember how I said my shorts couldn’t be too tight? Well, my tights can’t be too loose. I’m a little broken. The Kamiko 3/4 tights have become some of my favorite to date. That is a feat. I was provided with the black/Origami pattern (size: x-small) and I couldn’t be happier with the look & fit. Not only that, they’re super comfortable. There’s a really nice balance of stretch and compression that simultaneously breathes well (85% Nylon/15% Spandex). I wish I had these tights when the mornings were a little cooler, but it won’t be too difficult to make good use of them.

Thomas’ Gear

  1. Helix Tee
  2. Venture Singlet
  3. Rider 5.5 shorts

Helix Tee

Out of the Mizuno gear provided the Helix Tee stood out as my favorite. The way the shirt is woven together is really slick. The shirt has a similar look as the lululemon shirt I just reviewed. The shirt fits how I prefer a running shirt to fit, slim. I only have one complaint. The shirt is about 2″ too long. After numerous washes, the shirt has stayed stink free. The style details of the shirt are sharp and it is a flattering cut.

Venture Singlet

The Venture singlet weighs almost nothing, soooo light. I do not like the “racer back” of this tank. The between the shoulder blades cut makes the wearer look feminine. I like to run in singlets, this cut is not for me.

Rider 5.5 shorts

These are great basic shorts that every runner should have. The material is silky, light, and really breathable. There are not a lot of extras or unnecessary design features on the shorts. One zippered pocket in the back is all you get. These shorts fit into the gotta have basics like, Chuck’s, Levi’s, and a t-shirt. You can’t really go wrong with these.


Meaghan: I am really happy with the gear that Mizuno provided. It’s nice quality stuff and it’s reasonably priced. Perfectly fitting tights for $60? Yes, please. If you’re looking for some new running apparel this summer, I recommend adding some Mizuno to your lineup.

Thomas: Basic styles with a step up on design and finish. You will look good and run well in the Mizuno gear. Solid stuff.


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