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Lurbel Technical Sportswear Review

Compression gear has become extremely popular over the past few years, based on the concept that compression clothing improves performance and expedites recovery. There are a lot of studies and opinions on both sides of the argument, but no conclusive scientific evidence for either side. Regardless of the performance claims of compression, I (Thomas) wear compression garments for comfort and to eliminate chafing. So do I care whether or not there is science behind it? Not really. In this review, we refer to all tight fitting garments as compression.

The Good

Meaghan I love compression gear. Compression socks, compression tights, compression sleeves… all of it. So I was excited when we were given the opportunity to review some Lurbel compression gear. I reviewed the women’s inner layer thermo tech long sleeve and unisex feelcool ¾ tights. The tights are deceiving. When I pulled them out of the box I was certain I wouldn’t like them. I assumed they would be overly stretchy and not hold the compression I prefer. I was wrong! They’re 95% polyamide (nylon) and 5% spandex so they’re stretchy, but not overly so. The material reminds me a lot the Zensah compression socks. Since we received the gear in January I assumed they were meant for cold weather. I wore my compression shirt as a base layer and my compression tights on their own for several mid-long runs in 30-35 degree weather. I was comfortable. The tights are actually designed for warmer weather and are considered “cool gear” so I will be interested to see how they perform in the spring and summer.

Thomas: I tried out the Danubio Shirt and the Potenza Shorts. The quality of both pieces was easy to identify. The Danubio shirts compression is not uniform, Lurbel combined multiple panels to create different compression zones. The shirt fit well and was very comfortable. I wore the shirt as a base layer because of the low temps here on the East Coast, it performed well wicking sweat and the compression reduced any chafing. I look forward to trying the shirt out in the Spring on it’s own without any additional layers.

When I first tried on the Potenza shorts I thought “These feel great! Possible new favorite race shorts.” The length is right where I like it in a compression short, about 1.5″ above the knee. There is SOLID compression on the thighs. No seam in the seam running down the middle means no chafing in the tender spot.

The Bad

Meaghan: I had a couple issues. Primarily, the compression shirt would ride up when running. I’m not sure if it was a sizing issue or maybe the material, but I was constantly pulling it down mid run. I used this as a base layer, so it wasn’t a big issue aside from being annoying. The only problem I had with the tights was the drawstring. After one run, the drawstring started to fray. This is obviously an easy fix, with a knot, but it did make me question the quality.

Thomas: I don’t have anything to say bad about the shirt. I have some suggestions that might make the shorts better. The material around crotch and butt lacks form and is less compressiony(?) At times it felt like I had saggy britches which was irritating. The sensation made me want to constantly pull my pants up. The other item that can be improved would be the drawstring. All the other details of Lurbel’s clothing seem well thought out and high quality. The drawstring seemed unfinished and unrefined.

The Overall

Meaghan: I wasn’t familiar with Lurbel products until this review so I didn’t have any expectations. I like what I’ve tried so far. The compression long sleeve is well made, and works well as a base layer, but I do wish it was tighter through the waist and stayed in place. I’ve sported several types of tights this winter and so far Lurbel has been my favorite. They fit extremely well and they’re the perfect balance of stretch and compression. I’m looking forward to getting some more miles in them.

Thomas: The garments are good quality and the compression was supportive. The fit of the shirt was spot on for me, and the shorts with some tweaking to the brief area would be a go to race day short. I will still likely race in them since they are better than some of my other choices. The garments are reasonably priced bordering on true value compared to other compression brands. You can buy them here: Compression Clothing Store

Note from Lurbel “The only compression garments developed by Lurbel are the calf sleeves, the compression shorts, compression arm sleeves and compression socks. […] compression is not really that beneficial in other areas other than the limbs. It must be carefully measured and sizing is crucial.”


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