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Running Apparel • July 7, 2023

Janji West Indies Collection Review: When Color is a Must

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What You Need To Know

Color everywhere

You already know Janji loves a bright print

Summer ready

We’ve got a mix of shorts, tanks, and more

For the planet

2% of Janji profits still go to clean water initiatives

LINDSAY: Quite a wild collection we have here. If you don’t already know, Janji creates collections inspired by different regions of the world where they collaborate with local artists and nonprofit water partners. The West Indies collection is inspired by the connection between nature and art. It’s full of bold prints and colors which acknowledge characteristics seen in the Caribbean islands of the West Indies.

Now, I will admit, when I first got these pieces, it was a lot to take it. The patterns were just… a lot. But, man, Janji had a goal, and they nailed it. These pieces reflect the Caribbean islands all the way down to the sand between your toes.

Even better, when I went on the website to check out more of the collection, I found a whole lot more! There are solid versions of all the shorts, tops, hats, and accessories to complement the patterned pieces. While this review highlights just a couple of the outfits, make sure you head over to Janji’s website to check out the whole collection.

Alright, that’s enough chit-chat. Let’s get into the review.

RENALDO: Of all the companies I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, Janji is one that never misses. From bags to hats to tights, Janji always puts out something comfortable and reliable while also bringing that HEAT with its styles and patterns. And their latest collection, based on the West Indies, keeps that same great Janji vibe.

Janji Run All Day Tank

LINDSAY: We love a good staple piece. The Run All Day Tank was great to just throw on over the Ascend or Pace sports bra on my way out the door (likely rushing because I like the adrenaline of being late, IYKYK). Once I was warmed up, this lightweight tank was easy to whip off and tuck into my waistband until my workout was done. It does have a bit of length to it, so my short torso gals will want to keep that in mind, but I’m not exactly tall, and the way it’s contoured through the waist keeps this piece very flattering regardless.

The neck is high but not at all suffocating, so it provides good sun protection. The underarms are fitted without being too tight, so there’s no chafing. If tank tops are your thing, the Run All Day also comes in a version with short sleeves so you can benefit from the breathable, odor-controlled material like the rest of us during these hot and humid summer days ahead.

RENALDO: Now this I got in the Midnight colorway, which is just black. But it’s a nice strong black like you’re in line to be an extra in the Matrix or John Wick. Not much to write home about this one. A nice tech tank that’s light, dries in the blink of an eye when it comes to sweat, doesn’t cling when it IS wet, and even has HeiQ odor control for those two-a-day workouts. The reflective Janji logo is present on the front and back of the tank, giving a very sophisticated look that you could probably get away with at the club too.

PRICE: $54 for Men, $58 for Women

Shop Janji Run All Day Tank - Men Shop Janji Run All Day Tank - Women

Janji AFO Hyperlight Cap

LINDSAY: I’m not a big hat wearer, but if I’ve learned one thing, where there’s a group of runners, there is sure to be a Ciele cap. Not for long, though. Janji’s AFO Hyperlight Cap just might give Ciele a run for their money.

This super lightweight cap is sweat-wicking and stays cool, dry, and comfortable on the most humid days. The back strap is actually a bungee cord with a rubber toggle, so it’s easy to adjust. It also doesn’t cause any (extra) tangle when a ponytail is threaded through it.

I always feel like hats cover too much of my face, but this sport-fit model covered just enough to protect me from the sun and sweat while still maintaining my peripheral vision. When all was said and done, it was easy to crumple up and stash away until the next time.

PRICE: $38

Shop Janji AFO Hyperlight Cap

Janji Transit Tech Cap

RENALDO: Starting from the top, we’ve got Janji’s Transit Tech cap. A no-nonsense cap for the no-nonsense runner that likes to party every now and then. I got mine in the beautiful Primary Collage colorway. A mishmash of all the colors of the rainbow in one hat. It’s a pretty great hat with a wide brim, a great adjustable fit for just about any sized dome, and even a surprisingly well-sized side pocket complete with a zipper. It soaks up sweat like nobody’s business, stays in place in strong winds, and is light enough to roll up and stash away. A great piece to add to the collection of the fashionable runner on the go.

PRICE: $38

Shop Janji Transit Tech Cap

Janji Ascend Sports Bra

LINDSAY: The design team had their thinking caps on for this one. A highly supportive and highly functional bra, Janji’s Ascend Sports Bra is one of my go-to’s for the summer. I’ll just start by saying there’s a phone pocket in the back, and it’s just so hard to top a bra with a phone holder these days.

The Ascend Sports Bra is available in multiple solid and patterned colors to fill everyone’s cup of tea. The material is like a bathing suit material with lots of stretch, so it’s easy to get on and off while still being very supportive. The straps are about an inch wide with a high neck rise. It’s similar to a halter with no decapitating features and no chafing at the underarms. The padding is removable but also stays in place very well during runs and laundry.

10/10 sports bra.

PRICE: $80

Shop Janji Ascend Sports Bra - Women

Janji Run All Day Tee

RENALDO: Same as the Tank but with sleeves. This one came in a beautiful Twilight colorway that I can only describe as something The Artist Formerly Known As Prince would probably run in. And that’s a high compliment to this shirt — it’s soft as velvet and super comfy. Another one to add to the “going out after the run” list.

PRICE: $58

Shop Janji Run All Day Tee - Men

Janji Pace Sports Bra

LINDSAY: Aside from the unique pattern of the Pace Sports Bra, the strapping and neckline is one I haven’t seen yet in a sports bra. The cross straps are partially sewn together, so there is no tangled mess to undo before putting this on while still maintaining that strappy style — just really well thought out here, Janji. The neckline is curved almost like a halter top then the cut straightens out towards the underarms. It’s cute when you’re just standing in one place, but functionally wasn’t very flattering to the armpit fat (again, IYKYK), and I think it would’ve eventually caused chafing had I worn it for a longer run.

Compression on the Pace Sports Bra is just right for running in true-to-size fashion. The padding is minimal and removable with a cup that’s large enough to keep it in place without a revealing outline. I loved pairing this piece with the Run All Day tank for a sneaky little color under the loose black tank.

PRICE: $58

Shop Janji Pace Sports Bra - Women

Janji Multi Short

LINDSAY: I wasn’t a collegiate runner, so I didn’t even know what split shorts were before running became a regular thing for me in 2020. They certainly are fun to run in, and I guess Janji knew it because they created a split short worth trying out.

If you’ve ever run in Nike split shorts, you know that they’re rather short. Janji’s 3-inch Multi Short offers a little more coverage all around without compromising the range of motion we all look for in this type of short. The waistband is soft with a drawstring for easy adjustment. It sits right below the belly button, so I guess you could call it midrise. I call it just right. There are also five (I’ll say that again, FIVE) literally hidden pockets in the double-lined waistband. They vary in size, so they hold everything from keys (with a built-in key clip) to nutrition and gels. It does fit an iPhone with some finagling, but I didn’t prefer to run with it like that.

Sticking to the status quo, the material is lightweight and quick drying. These are perfect for long runs and trails alike. Do your legs a favor and get these.

RENALDO: Gonna be honest, I don’t like 2-in-1 shorts. The compression feels nice, but the extra shorts always feel and sometimes look silly. Not to mention there can always be sizing difficulties and different pocket sizing expectations. A whole slew of issues. But these shorts might be my absolute favorite ones.

First of all, coming in a very eye-catching Verdant green, these shirts shine in the light and the dark. But beyond cosmetics, these shorts have done something I’ve never seen before in a 2-in-1… extra pockets all the way around the waistband. There are a few pockets with plenty of space for gels, keys (there’s even a keyring!), cards, change, whatever. But then, there are a few pockets in very strategic places big enough to store a phone, water bottle, or even a t-shirt. It’s actually incredible the stuff you can get in there. There are still the basic two pockets on either side of the inner short, but at that point, it’s more bang for the buck.

PRICE: $86 for Men, $78 for Women

Shop Janji Multi Short - Men Shop Janji Multi Short - Women

Janji AFO Middle Short

RENALDO: Ah, these shorts are dreamy. Coming in with a Cyanotype Papaya colorway, these 5-inch shorts literally feel like you’re picking up air and putting it on. They are woven out of Ultralight AFO fabric, keeping them light and airy, with nothing else but a built-in liner (which also has a pocket and keyring) for support. These shorts are my new go-to favorites when I’m in need of some miles in this hot and muggy Baltimore summer. I love a good short that feels like it’s barely there at all.

PRICE: $64

Shop Janji AFO Middle Short - Men

Janji Transit Tech Short

LINDSAY: If you’re more of a features person than a style person, these shorts are for you. With a back pocket for cards and gels and a front pocket with a ring clip, these shorts are very functional. Granted, the back pocket has a nylon pull that is meant for “in-motion” access, but that just was not the case unless I was using my other hand to stabilize the pocket.

The waistband lays low and easy on the stomach with drawstrings for plenty of adjustment. The material is very lightweight and feels almost like a thinner, more breathable version of men’s swim trunk material. No chafing here. My only beef is the length. I’m 5’3,” and usually, 3-inch shorts fit fine. These just felt long and wide around the legs, which definitely also has its pros.

They’re not split shorts like the 3-inch Multi Short, so they do ride up on the leg during knee drive, but the stitch-free, airy fabric makes that barely noticeable. No restriction. No exposure. These quick-drying shorts are great for a cool, long run.

PRICE: $78

Shop Janji Transit Tech Short - Women

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