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Running Apparel • December 18, 2021

Janji Southwest Collection Apparel Review

janji southwest cover

What You Need To Know

  • Janji’s latest collection is a mix of new patterns and old favorites
  • Inspired by the American Southwest, even if we’ve never been there
  • Available now from Janji’s website

RENALDO: I’ve never been to the southwest. Coming from a pretty sedentary family, the most I’ve ever known is what most Baltimorian’s know today. Crabs, football, jousting (Seriously, look it up). So it was a pleasant surprise when the Boston-based running company, Janji, hooked us up with a few pieces of gear from their newly released Southwest collection.

Taking inspiration from the natural beauty of the American Southwest, Janji has created a nice blend of bold and reliable styles that will have you eager to get some Fall miles or maybe just a Fall hang sesh. Either way, Janji puts 2% of all proceeds towards viable, clean water initiatives. So you’ll look good and feel good.

Let’s get started!

Runterra Bio Long Sleeve

Janji Southwest Runterra Bio Long Sleeve

RENALDO: I love a shirt that feels like I’m not wearing a shirt. And the Runterra Bio Long Sleeve (Bio stands for biodegradable) does exactly that! Light as a feather and soft as the OEKO-TEX cotton-poly blend it’s made of, this shirt was quite a surprise. I was skeptical about taking it on a few crisp Fall morning runs. Still, I found the shirt held warmth quite well thanks to the volcanic particles embedded into the fabric, both for thermoregulation and odor resistance. The performance comfort zone for the Janji Southwest Runterra Bio LS claims 40 – 85 degrees, but I’ll probably be wearing this well into the colder months as a comfy base layer.

PRICE: $64

Shop Runterra Bio Long Sleeve – Men Shop Runterra Bio Long Sleeve – Women

Groundwork Tight

janji groundwork tight

RENALDO: First thoughts? “It has pockets!!”

It almost feels like I don’t need to say anything after that, but SOME people need MORE than that, apparently. The Groundwork Tight from Janji is high-performance stretch nylon with extra targeted protection, moisture-wicking, and odor resistance. It fits like a dream and kinda eerily snaps to your body as if it were made for you. Another nifty feature of these tights is the hi-vis reflective tape along the seams and logo, making those who have to deal with the woes of daylight savings a lot safer.

Like I said before, the main attraction for these tights is the pockets! I’ve never SEEN so many pockets on a pair of tights. Double-tiered side pockets for things like your phone, gloves, a foldable hat, gel, whatever. Duel-entry stretch pocket in the back for a shirt, coat, or more gel. And an internal waistband pocket for, you guessed it, EVEN MORE GEL!

The performance comfort zone for these say 15 – 50 degrees, so these have quickly become my “go-to” tights for the cold. And they came in a nifty color too! It’s called Mountain, but it’s more of a  soft emerald green that’s easy on the eyes.

PRICE: $88

Shop Groundwork Tights – Men Shop Groundwork Tights – Women

AFO Hyperlight Cap

janji southwest afo cap

RENALDO: Hats are fun, and this one follows suit. The AFO Hyperlight Cap is a collaboration between Janji and artist/Pro mountain trail runner, Christian Gering. Janji calls this version Under Cover for its Southwest Collection. It features a monochromatic reflective version of Gering’s “Star Cover” print for a more subdued, almost dreamy look.

At 29 grams, you’ll barely notice this thing is on your head. With its low profile for aerodynamics, crushable materials, and minimal bungee strap, it’s the perfect hat for the runner on the go, which is probably most runners all the time.

PRICE: $38

Shop Hyperlight Cap

Multipass Sling Bag

Janji Southwest Multipass Sling Bag

RENALDO: This is the main attraction for me! I love a good fanny pack, but I’m almost afraid to call this one a fanny pack in fear that it’ll hear me! The Multipass Sling Bag from Janji is incredible! 2 liters of volume, multiple secure pockets, weather repellent, expandable bungee compartment, hi-vis daisy chain, and zipper pulls. There’s SO MUCH to this bag that I can’t believe I’m just finding out about it.

The bag has a concealed cross-body strap that stows away in a designated slot in a ‘hidden’ back pocket. It allows you to cinch the bag down across your chest or back. This is my absolute favorite item of the Janji collection and will undoubtedly be getting another in a louder pattern.

Chef’s kiss, Janji. Chef’s kiss.

PRICE: $50

Shop Multipass Sling Bag

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