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Running Apparel • November 23, 2021

Janji Fall 2021 Apparel Review

janji fall 2021 cover image

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We’re always pretty pumped when a new package from Janji comes through the door. From the team’s philanthropic efforts to the top-notch gear, Janji feels a bit like Tom Hanks — impossible not to like. I mean, have you ever met anyone who turned their nose up at David S. Pumpkins? Didn’t really think so. The Janji fall 2021 collection is another banger, though it skips the trademark prints in favor of some bright, punchy hues.

It’s pretty much the perfect collection to give your cold winter miles a pop of warm colors. You can also feel pretty good in knowing that Janji puts 2% of all proceeds towards clean water projects in countries that need them most. Robbe got to put a few pieces through his paces, so let’s hit the highlights.

Side note: we wanted to point out that Janji really seems to have upped their game in the last year or so. We’ve been reviewing them for years and they used to have a lot of quality control and sizing issues. They’ve persistently and consistently improved and we love to see them hitting their stride and carving out a nice little niche within the run industry.

Runterra Bio Tee (LS)

Robbe wearing the Janji Fall 2021 Runterra Tee

ROBBE: The RunTerra long sleeve is very similar in fit and feel to the RunPaca long sleeve that’s been around since the start for Janji. Unlike that one, however, this is the synthetic-blend running shirt that biodegrades like a 100% cotton tee. Essentially it offers the moisture and odor control of synthetic apparel while retaining the comfort of cotton, and breaks down organically much faster (though it only biodegrades in oxygen-poor environments apparently).

In any case, this shirt is really comfortable and very loung-ey. It’s somewhat thin so probably not the best cold-weather gear, but I would recommend it in the 45-60 degree range, or for just casual wear during warmer months. To be honest, a lot of Janji stuff borders on lifestyle apparel, which I’m totally fine with by the way. I love the 90’s-ish Cosmic Runner lettering on the chest and the eastern design on the back. It wears a bit loose, but that’s fine cause that’s what all the cool kids are doing these days. Highly recommend this piece altogether, it’s probably my favorite shirt ever from Janji.

PRICE: $68

Shop Runterra Tee – Men Shop Runterra Tee – Women

Thermal Zephyr Running Jacket

Thermal Zephyr Jacket

MEAGHAN: We don’t know about you, but it’s getting towards jacket season here in Baltimore. Not quite running in a winter coat type of cold, but definitely too cold for just long sleeves. Enter the Janji fall 2021 Thermal Zephyr Running Jacket. It’s lightweight and packable, and the ripstop nylon is built to last. Janji stuffed the Zephyr Jacket with PrimaLoft Gold Active insulation for breathable warmth, but you can pack your jacket into a small pocket for when the temperatures rise.

You might not get quite as many color options for the Thermal Zephyr Running Jacket, but the bright Cardinal shade is all we need. It offers a dropped rear hemline for your muddiest trail days — after all, nobody wants skidmarks.

PRICE: $188

Shop Zephyr Jacket – Men Shop Zephyr Jacket – Women

Transit Tech Pant

Robbe wearing the Janji Fall 2021 Transit Tech Pant

ROBBE: I’ll admit that I never was a running pant kind of guy … until I realized I wanted to run with my kid to school and wearing tights would make me look like the biggest douchebag dad on the greentop. Enter the Janji Transit Tech pant, which solved all my problems. I could actually run in them, then blend in with a crowd of normal human beings without any side glances.

I appreciate the DWR finish to shed light rain, as well as the three pockets that provide ample storage, as well as a key bungee. Cap it off with elastic ankle cuffs and this is an excellent piece of gear for both running and casual wear. Plus, the fabric doesn’t stick to you when you sweat and I also love the slim/tapered cut of the pant. While some other Janji pants seem just a bit too tight, this has a slightly looser feel (for Janji anyway) that makes it just about perfect.

PRICE: $88

Shop TT Pant – Men Shop TT Pant – Women

Rainrunner Pack Jacket

Rainrunner Pack Jacket

ROBBE: Meaghan and I have had the Rainrunner jacket for the last two versions and I have to say– this has become one of our favorite pieces of gear, running or otherwise. The waterproofability is there, the fit is pretty much perfect, and somehow Janji’s designers know the color palettes that rock long before they roll. Seriously, I get more compliments on this jacket from random strangers than any other piece of apparel I own.

For running, it’s about as good as you can get. Super lightweight, taped seams, and it actually has hand pockets, which a lot of active rain jackets forego. One of the best and most overlooked details about this jacket is that it packs into its own pocket. But wait– the pocket has an elastic band attached to it on the inside, so that when it is packed up, you can actually run with it in one hand. This is the kind of product you get when actual runners have a say in the design.

The price point is in line with most other fully waterproof rain jackets out there, but the details set it apart. If you’re thinking about picking this up, do it– you won’t regret it.

PRICE: $198

Shop Rainrunner – Men Shop Rainrunner – Women

Circuit Crew Pullover

Circuit Crew Pullover

ROBBE: I’ve spent plenty of time in Janji’s Circuit sweatshirts, whether they have a hood or not. He basically lived in them throughout the long months of working from home, and they’re styled just right for everyday life. The Janji Circuit Crew isn’t a new cut, but it’s back with a fresh slate of colors like the Riverbed shade seen above. If you want a little more color to your crewneck, Janji has a few graphic designs — including a Cosmic Runner Obsidian that looks like the aforementioned Runterra Tee.

The Circuit Crew is made of a two-ply blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, which is delightfully soft. It’s even singed to help cut down on pilling and make the sweatshirt more durable. You can keep your keys or other small valuables stashed away in the zipper pocket while you pound the miles.

PRICE: $88

Shop Circuit Crew – Men Shop Circuit Crew – Women

Multipass Sling Bag

Janji Fall 2021 Multipass Sling Bag

ROBBE: The Multipass Sling Bag is another Janji product that I use quite often, and have mentioned in other reviews and roundups, but I’ll mention it again since it’s been such a huge hit (and there’s new colorways available). It’s the perfect size for life in the city, whether you’re running or biking. It has an impressive two-liter capacity — more than enough for a water bottle, phone, or a small speaker if you’re one of those people. Janji’s new Mango colorway is perfect for the shorter days of fall and winter, but you can check out the Royal and Midnight versions, too.

PRICE: $50

Shop Multipass Sling Bag

Janji x Balega Crew Sock

Janji Fall 2021 Balega Socks

ROBBE: How do you make Janji gear even better? You turn it into a collab, at least that’s our experience so far. This crew sock is a joint effort on Balega’s Enduro design, complete with V-Tech arch support and a no-slip heel. Janji added reflective banding around the top for extra visibility on dark winter days, and the crew cut should keep your ankles a little warmer. Like most of Janji’s fall 2021 pieces, the pattern is inspired by artist Christian Gering for the Janji x Christian Artist Series. Does that technically make this sock a triple collab? We’d say so, and you won’t get any complaints from us.

PRICE: $16

Shop Crew Sock

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