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Dahlie Winter 2023 Apparel Review: Who Needs Skis?

dahlie winter cover

What You Need To Know

  • More winter gear from the skiing-inspired brand
  • We’re feelin’ the heat from the copper and orange colorways
  • The pants have pockets now!
  • Available now from Dahlie

ALEX: Same brand, new identity. Dahlie (often written DÆHLIE) is well-known in the nordic skiing world as a go-to premium brand for high-quality, high-performance training and racing gear. Over the past few years, the brand has expanded its reach into new arenas, particularly running. The running line maintains the quality and attractive aesthetic that many have come to know and expect from the brand and adds some thoughtful details for the run.

After a lifetime of running through cold, windy Minnesota winters that never seem to end, I’ve only recently started to recognize the enormous gap that well-crafted nordic ski clothing fills so effectively: wind protection in all the right places, combined with superior breathability for high output efforts.

JARRETT: Alex covers the brand and goes into greater product spec details in this review, so I’ll give my take on the fit. If you’re like me, you panic when shopping for clothes online. The fit can differ from one brand to another or even by country. European clothing tends to be a tighter fit than American. I usually wear a medium, but I have to size up when it comes to compression clothing and those tighter slim fits. After looking at the fit guide and pretty much flipping a coin, I went with a large in both the jacket and pants.

Dahlie Jacket Coverage

dahlie winter jacket

ALEX: I love everything about this jacket. The copper colorway is beautifully designed with clean lines, and the black and white make it pop. It’s incredibly lightweight, packable, and quick-drying.

While important not to mistake this jacket for the protective properties of a full Gore-Tex shell, this soft shell is water-repellent and wind resistant. Mesh panels line the inside of the jacket’s upper part, providing an additional layer of insulation. Thin mesh panels under the arms offer well-placed ventilation. Mesh, elastic inner cuffs secure the sleeve and provide extra protection from the elements.

Honestly, the hood is my favorite part of the jacket. It’s thoughtfully designed and combined with a tall collar that is highly versatile in many conditions. A mesh panel with an elastic edge keeps the hood comfortably in place, and an adjustable drawstring means it can be adjusted to fit anything from no headwear to a thick winter hat.

The jacket isn’t generous with pockets, with only a single zippered chest pocket. This is my only complaint, although I would barely consider it a flaw given the overall design and utility of the jacket.

You’ll find me in this one year-round. Add a base or mid-layer, and this one will see you through winter. Throw on over a t-shirt, and you have a perfect shoulder season combo. This one does it all.

JARRETT: I’ll first start with the sizing. The jacket fits me pretty well, although I could have gone down to a size medium. It isn’t a slim fit, and I have plenty of room in the chest and arms.

I’m a fan of how lightweight the Dahlie Jacket Run is, and even though it isn’t heavy, it kept me warm in freezing weather. When it was raining, the jacket did a good job repelling the water and still allowing my core to breathe through the underarm vents.

My favorite part about the jacket is the elastic inside the cuffs and the mesh piece under the hood. For the wrists, it keeps the sleeves from getting too long and holds them in place. When the hood is on, it stays on, even in the wind. I don’t worry about the hood blowing off or sliding back.

My one gripe with the jacket is the lone chest pocket. When I’m running in the cold, I always wear gloves (my fingers definitely have poor circulation and get super cold). Halfway through, my hands start to warm up, and the gloves come off. Typically I would store them in the front hand pockets, but the only option here was to shove two gloves in the chest pocket, which then bulged out.

PRICE: $120

Shop Dahlie Jacket Coverage – Men Shop Dahlie Jacket Coverage – Women

Dahlie Pants Run

dahlie winter tights

ALEX: These pants are constructed with 4-way stretch that allows for a full range of motion, and they’re a great alternative for those days you just aren’t feeling like pulling on a pair of tights. Articulated knees and a gusseted crotch add to the freedom of movement you will experience in these.

They are extremely lightweight, packable, and breathable. They pack to a comparable size to the Patagonia Houdini pants, which have been my go-to for years.

These Dahlie pants have a comfortable fit, slightly relaxed through the thigh and tapered from the knees for a close fit on the lower leg. The waistband is elastic and equipped with an internal drawstring and silicone grip.

There is one welded, zippered hand pocket.

Like the jacket, on their own or layered, these are highly versatile across seasons and various conditions.

One thing I would have loved to see is a snap or zipper at the ankle so that these could be pulled over a pair of shorts without having to remove your shoes. The missing feature keeps me from ultimately trading out my Houdini pants in favor of these.

JARRETT: The Dahlie Run Pants are a lightweight option for those who want the compression of tights but something more substantial. The waist down to the knees is polyester material, while the knees down are more tapered and have the tighter stretchy fit of tights. The pants feature a welded, zippered side pocket and a comfortable, elastic waistband.

Going with a size large was the correct choice for my thicker thighs (which save lives) and calves. However, I had to roll the waistband twice because, even though I’m 5-foot-9, they’re too long for me. When rolled, the fit was exactly how I would like them.

At first, the pants were fantastic and almost nonexistent, but within a mile, the waistband I rolled would unroll and the pants sagged around the ankles. I also noticed the seams where the pants switched material scratching at my legs. This itching didn’t occur when the pants were rolled and fit correctly. Those going with a large and under 6 feet could have length problems. If I had the right fit, I’m sure I would be a big fan of these, but unfortunately, I didn’t.

PRICE: $100

Shop Dahlie Pants Run – Men Shop Dahlie Pants Run – Women

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