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Running Apparel • January 8, 2022

Dæhlie Sportswear Winter 2021 Apparel Review

dæhlie winter cover

What You Need To Know

  • The skiing brand named for Bjorn Dæhlie is venturing into running gear
  • More than warm enough for a Nordic winter
  • Available now from the Dæhlie Sportswear website

RYAN: It feels like we’re saying this a lot lately (which is a good thing), but Dæhlie is a new brand for us to review. Alex already had some familiarity, but I had never heard the name before. In fact, I wasn’t even sure how you’re meant to pronounce the Norwegian brand’s name. Is it daily like The Daily Show? Dalé like Pitbull’s favorite word? It turns out the answer is none of the above — Dæhlie Sportswear is named for Norwegian cross country skiing hero Bjorn Dæhlie. It’s pronounced more like dahlia, the flower.

Now that the grammar lesson is over, you need to know that this gear is warm. Like, wear it all Winter GRIT long, warm. If you want all of the technical specs, Alex has you covered. I’ll mostly offer you my two cents (which barely fits in the provided pockets). You’ll see what I mean — let’s get to it.

ALEX: Dæhlie has always been my go-to brand for nordic ski wear. Their gear is thoughtfully designed and constructed of high-quality materials that can withstand repeated wear and lots of faceplants from base layer to outerwear. Their running line meets those same high standards for performance, versatility, and outstanding looks. 

Winter Run Jacket 2.0

dæhlie winter mens coat

RYAN: I don’t know if I was ready for how “European” the Dæhlie Sportswear winter collection would fit. It’s slim and form-fitting, which is totally fine if you don’t need too many layers. Luckily, the Winter Run Jacket 2.0 is about as warm as they come. The insulated panels kept my torso incredibly cozy, almost too cozy on 30-degree days. Once the insulated layer stops, the sleeves get even tighter to ensure that not one degree of warmth is escaping.

Even though the Dæhlie Sportswear Winter Run Jacket 2.0 will keep you warm without fail, it comes up short in a few other areas. For starters, there’s only one pocket. Yes, I know it’s meant to keep the weight down, but it’s much easier to stash my gloves in a front pocket mid-run than to fiddle around behind my back. 

Also, the shoulders are a little bit boxy for my taste. It might just be how the down-filled panels come together, but it felt more like I had shoulder pads on. I do love the blue color that Dæhlie Sportswear sent me, though.

ALEX: The ultralight Dæhlie Sportswear Winter Run Jacket 2.0 strikes a great balance between warmth and breathability. The Primaloft Cross Core insulation is strategically placed in the front, over the shoulders, and down the sleeves to provide optimal heat protection without being too warm for high output activity.

The insulation in the front provides coverage about three-quarters of the way down the jacket. While this is consistent with the design of many winter tops and jackets, it leaves my stomach feeling a little cold and neglected on a headwindy run. I can appreciate keeping the weight and bulkiness of the jacket down, although I never understood why these “barely there” and “weightless” materials can’t just be extended another 5 inches. 

The rest of the jacket is an ultralight, 4-way stretch polyester that allows unrestricted movement and a comfortable fit. Tailored sleeves and elastic cuffs provide an excellent performance fit. Reflective panels on the front and back maximize visibility. The combination of the laser-cut holes in the back and the two-way front zip provides plenty of options for releasing heat mid-run. 

There is one zippered, lined pocket in the back of the jacket that is large enough to carry a phone, although due to the ultra-lightweight material, heavier items feel kind of, I don’t know, heavy back there. It is great for stashing an extra pair of gloves or a gel, though! We should all do some technology-free runs anyway. And, if your phone is not the size of an iPad or tablet, you will probably be just fine. 

The jacket has a slim fit, so if you want the option to throw a couple of base layers underneath, size up. 

Overall this is a great jacket. The one thing that could make it even better is a stowable hood.

PRICE: $170

Shop Winter Run Jacket 2.0 – Men Shop Winter Run Jacket 2.0 – Women

Coverage Long Sleeve (Women’s)

dæhlie alex shirt

ALEX: The Coverage Long Sleeve is a comfortable, warm layer. I really appreciate the length of this one; it provides adequate coverage (get it?) via some added inches. I thought the name was silly until I realized it was spot on, and I found that I could not stop impulsively using the word “coverage” when describing it. The sleeves are also a great length for layering with thumb-holes to keep everything in place. 

The Mulesing free merino wool from Australia is soft, comfortable, and naturally thermoregulating. I will pause here while you Google “mulesing-free — PETA.” I hope we can all agree that mulesing-free is the way to be. Ok, now onto the collar. The high collar is well-designed, providing adequate “coverage” while not feeling restrictive. 

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Finally, the layer is reversible, which I guess is cool. However, I am not sure when or why I would reverse it. When I do, it looks like I am just wearing my shirt inside out.

PRICE: $120

Shop Coverage Long Sleeve – Men Shop Coverage Long Sleeve – Women

Winter Tights

dæhlie winter mens pants

RYAN: Ya know what I like in a pair of tights? Pockets. Ya know what the Dæhlie Sportswear winter tights are really light on? Pockets. I guess this is what women go through when they want a pair of pants with pockets, but come on. Wearing the jacket and tights simultaneously left me too light on storage space for sure.

Now, onto the good news — these pants are unbelievably warm. Once again, Alex has your technical jargon, but I can say that the wind-resistant panels and merino wool do their job in an unreal way. I wore them once Winter GRIT really started to feel like winter and felt like I could be outside all day long without any extra layers.

Just know that these might be the tightest tights I’ve ever worn, I found the seam where the orange panels stop is the tightest spot of all.

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ALEX: These tights are tiiight. In all the ways. They are super versatile and thoughtfully designed and have a very slim fit. The combination of wind-resistant front panels and merino wool down the back of the tights is perfect for winter high-intensity training. The tights are treated with  BIONIC-FINISH®ECO, a weather-resistant finish free from fluorocarbons and other hazardous chemicals. The tights are also OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified — this guarantees that the fabric has been tested for dangerous substances and is harmless for human health. 

I appreciate the no-frills approach to these. For example, there is just one very small, flimsy internal key pocket that hangs from the waistband. ONE. VERY SMALL. POCKET. It made me realize that I get excited about all the pockets that all the pants and shorts have lately, but I don’t use most of them. Next time you get excited about all the pockets in your running bottoms, ask yourself why. Ask yourself if you will ever use all 17 of those pockets.

PRICE: $130

Shop Winter Tights – Men Shop Winter Tights – Women

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