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Accessories • March 22, 2023

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Review: Good Vibrations

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What You Need To Know


Around 90 minutes (2,500mAh cell)


Five (up to 3,200 rpm)





The Intro

TAYLOR: If you’ve ever joined the IPOS (Injured Piece of Sh*t) club, you’ve probably also found yourself scouring the internet for a way to get right back out of it. I get it. I’ve been there fairly recently. In your voyages of the interweb, you’ve also likely ended at a YouTube channel starring a couple of middle-aged know-it-alls named Robbe and Thomas… I mean Bob and Brad. That seems harsh, but I’m not meaning to be. They seriously know it all.

Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck have about as illustrious of a career as physical therapists can have. Now, they are co-king’s of YouTube helping millions (yes, they have 4.6 million subscribers) of athletes get back to the thing they love most.

Admittedly, when I got to check out their Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun, I thought this device might easily be a marketing ploy to get some side cash to engorge their retirement accounts. Then again, I’ve referred to their site and know that these guys are the real deal and sincerely want to help folks out. Upon receiving the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun, I quickly learned I was getting something as good as their dry humor. It’s good stuff.

bob and brad massage gun in case

The Good

TAYLOR: Revolutionary doesn’t happen often. In fact, it doesn’t happen here. The Bob and Brad Massage Gun takes a classic recipe and crafts it as a compact, powerful, high-quality machine. It’s simplicity at its finest.

I immediately noticed that no matter what muscle group I was targeting or the amount of pressure I put on the gun, it still cranked out the same force. The gun did not slow, nor did the percussion arm’s depth get stifled. A brushless motor, meaning a motor that has a more direct and functional electrical current, is why the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun can maintain its torque.

Even though the range of motion within the percussion arm isn’t great, the continued torque allows for pushing deeper into areas where many guns would be unable to massage effectively. This was true at the massage gun’s five speeds (up to 3,200 rpm). For example, I had been struggling with what I thought was just a series of chronic shin splints for the past few years. It turns out that it was actually one of the deeper muscles near the bone that kept giving me trouble, but I couldn’t reach it with any roller or my previous massage gun. Within a week of having the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun I could feel relief of the particular muscle allowing me to run more like myself again. I’m a Bob and Brad success story!

Those kinds of revolutions and power are also a surprise because this C2 Massage Gun is rather compact. The gun itself is a literal hand tall and one hand wide. No, I’m not measuring a horse. Because of its size, it’s an easy gun to handle and travel with, as the carrying case and the five heads it comes with are not much bigger than the gun itself.

Speaking of the attachments, each of the five included heads is unique. Really, I wouldn’t be able to recommend any sort of attachment that would improve the group. There’s something here for all muscle groups. I use the softer ball and broader flat-headed attachments for large areas (especially after hard workouts and long runs). Still, my favorite attachment to get lower legs, Achilles, and into any hard-to-reach areas is the forked attachment.

Shop Bob and Brad Massage Gun bob and brad massage gun charging

The Bad

TAYLOR: There’s one knock I could give the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun: battery life. It makes sense that being so compact and powerful that battery won’t be its strong point. I found that I could get about 15 minutes of use per day for five to six days in a row before the blinking lights saying, “Charge me!” would win over. Once the blinking lights start, you have about 10 minutes worth of massaging left. The battery life isn’t a big deal for me because I almost exclusively use this at home. If you’re traveling with this to a race, don’t forget that charger.

Shop Bob and Brad Massage Gun bob and brad massage gun cover

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Conclusion

TAYLOR: After using the Bob and Brad C2 Massage gun daily over the past couple of months, I can absolutely recommend this to any runner. One reason is that it’s high quality and highly effective. I was able to keep my body both more prepped and recovered for my daily runs because of its consistent performance, even when digging deep into problematic areas.

The other reason is the price. The Bob and Brad Massage Gun runs on Amazon for just under $100. Typically it’s at $170, but it has been hanging at $99 for quite some time now. That’s approachable for just about any athlete out there.

You can pick up the Bob and Brad Massage Gun for $99 on Amazon using the buttons below.

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Shop Bob and Brad Massage Gun

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