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ashmei soft-shell running jacket review

If you are looking for the jacket James Bond would wear to go running, I have found it.  The ashmei soft-shell running jacket might be the finest piece of running gear in fit and finish that I have ever come across. Even before I put the jacket on, I notice the craftsmanship that went into the jacket. The stitching is precise and the jackets construction appears top notch. Once I put the jacket on, I was taken back by how it felt tailored to me as if it were a bespoke jacket from Savile Row. My wife piped up and said “that jacket is HOT.” I was in love with the jacket the moment I put it on. Then the little discoveries started happening. An extra flap of merino wool at the ends of the sleeves that can be used as a make shift mitten when needed, a music player pocket at the bottom of the spine with cable locks that run up the inside back of the jacket to hold your headphone cable secure, an off center zipper to help avoid the rub under the chin, gripping material along the bottom edge, sleeve thumb holes, it is as if Q was contracted to subtly add all these features to the jacket. The material used to create the jacket is a mixture of soft-shell nylon for the front and sleeve panels providing light wieght windproffing, and breathable, moisture wicking MappTech merino wool for the back. The ashmei jacket also has zippered vents on the side of the torso to provide extra ventilation.

I know what you are thinking. All this is great if you want a wicked cool jacket, but how does the jacket perform when running? Good news here too. There is no restriction of movement while running in this jacket. While running in the jacket, I appreciated how comfortable the neck is especially when the neck is zipped to the top. I had no issues with abrasive scratching under the chin. I wore the ashmei jacket clean-shaven and with a couple days of beard growth with no chaffing on the neck. One particular day was very windy the jacket performed well blocking the wind without getting to hot. I was surprised when I got back from my run and I was not cold and the jacket was not sweaty. The jacket provided perfect bio-climate control. On another run the temps were pretty chilly when we took off in the woods, with the sun coming up and multiple hills the run warmed up quickly. I used the vents on the side of the jacket and was able to get to a comfortable temperature. With all of the exertion on this run my back did sweat, the merino wool was able to wick most of the sweat. We finished the trail run and was comfortable leaving the jacket on for warmth while we had a couple beers. Although I was sweaty the jacket never felt cold or clammy, it kept me warm. Right now ashmei has a limited number of products, I can’t wait to see their full line. Sorry ladies, you will have to wait. No women’s styles yet.

As long as this jacket holds up to multiple washing machine cycles over this winter, I give the jacket two enthusiastic thumbs up.

My jacket was provided by ashmei for this review, You can purchase your own ashmei products online or at Suka Sport in London, England.

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  1. Simon says:

    I have just had my first run out in the Ashmei tights and I'm impressed at how they performed – super comfortable, great fit, just the right amount of warmth without sweatiness. All in all, great. Like you I'll just wait to see how they wash, but so far so good…

    1. Get the Jacket Simon, you wont regret it.

  2. Ally says:

    I absolutely love the look of this jacket…..I am anxiously waiting to get my hands on one

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