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Running Apparel • January 28, 2022

Arc’teryx Winter 2022 Apparel Review

What You Need To Know

  • Arc’teryx should keep you warm and dry to INFINIUM and beyond
  • The prices aren’t cheap, but the gear is built to last, like, forever
  • Available now from Arc’teryx’s website

There’s not much we like more than brand-new gear to review, especially in winter. Over the summer, you get a new t-shirt, and it’s tough to tell from the last one. In winter, however, you really get to see what brands can cook up. Today, we’re talking Arc’teryx and taking a closer look at some apparel that’s ready for the dead of winter. While this gear is directed towards trail runners, it really works for any runner at all.

You’ll find (like we did) that the gear is so good it needs almost no introduction, and they’re one of the few companies where the quality justifies the price tag, so let’s get into it.

Trino SL Anorak Jacket (Women’s)

MEAGHAN: The Trino SL Anorak is a really lightweight, somewhat stretchy, breathable jacket made from GORE-TEX INFINIUM. The material is totally windproof, with a unique water repellency. Since the GORE material works as the outer surface, water simply beads and runs right off the jacket. It’s pretty sweet.

I went with my standard size small, and it fits well. Arc’teryx suggests this is a trim-fitting jacket, but I could easily add a few layers underneath without issue. There’s a low-profile hoodie for an added layer of protection and a zippered kangaroo pocket in the front if you want to store a phone or some keys. However, this pocket doesn’t work great while running. It’s large, and any items you throw in there will bounce around.

What I do love about this Anorak is its versatility. I’ve used it for a windy 50-degree day and a cold, damp 30-degree day, and it worked really well for both. The material keeps you warm and breathes well if you start to sweat out there.

Lastly, but maybe most important, this jacket looks great. I love the Tatsu color (what I would call olive green) I received, and the general cut is flattering. This would be an ideal jacket for just about any outdoor activity — running, hiking, or even just walking around the city on a cold, damp day. While the price point is a little steep, at $219, this jacket will definitely last you a very long time.

PRICE: $219

Shop Trino SL Anorak Jacket – Women

Trino SL Hoody (Men’s)

Arc'teryx hoody

ROBBE: This is my first time reviewing Arc’teryx, and after testing the Trino SL Hoody, I’m hoping it’s not the last. As with most things claiming to be breathable-yet-water-repellent, I was instantly skeptical of this jacket. More often than not, when we get items with those claims, they end up as breathable as a low-grade trash bag. However, Thomas assured me that GORE-TEX Infinium was the real deal, so I was excited to try out this “hoody” (I mean, it’s a jacket, come on Arc’teryx) on the run.

A quick rundown of the hoody: it’s a water-repellent running jacket made from GORE-TEX Infinium, which is meant to block wind while providing exceptional breathability while repelling light rain or snow. The shell is soft and features a four-way stretch, offering plenty in the range-of-motion department while on the run.

I tested this hoody in various sub-freezing conditions down to 18F degrees with a windchill of 9F degrees. The warmest temperature I tested it in was 36F degrees with minimal wind. Baltimore winters, man. In all actuality, this jacket could go down to any manageable level of cold, you simply just add more layers beneath it. Its primary purpose is wind blockage, how you keep warm beneath it is up to you.

The cut of the jacket is just right. A back hem provides extra length while the sleeves extend just a bit beyond the wrist for coverage in less-than-fair conditions. It’s a trim cut but not so slim that you can’t add layers beneath it. In fact, it’s the perfect cut for adding a layer or two while keeping close enough that cold air can’t get between.

In 20-30F temps, I wore a Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer beneath it, and in the teens, I just doubled that essentially. A long sleeve under this at 36F was much too warm, though a merino tee could work. I can tell you that a lot of jackets I’ve worn, especially running shells, become a straight sauna at any temperature, no matter how well you try and figure out your layering technique. However, the Trino SL was actually very breathable while doing precisely what it said it would do – blocking the wind and offering light rain repellency.

I wore it on some frigid and dark mornings with considerable gusts of wind, and it worked flawlessly. It has quickly become my go-to running jacket in adverse weather conditions. I was actually very surprised at how well it held up in the rain, considering it is not a waterproof jacket. I wore it during a steady rain (not downpour-level rain, but definitely umbrella-necessitating for my kids walking to school), and the water beaded up and rolled off as it would with any waterproof jacket. Long story short, it kept me completely dry. So while it is not technically waterproof, it will certainly hold up in most rainy conditions. To have a breathable jacket that manages to do that is a delight. I should mention that although it offers welded seams around the collar and the length of the zipper, the rest is simply stitched together (again, this isn’t fully waterproof, so that makes sense).

Roll-top hood snaps into the collar

Let’s move on to the hood. The hood is scuba-style, so it molds nicely around the face with a brim that extends far enough out from the forehead to keep water out of the eyes. It also has a cinch cord in the back to tighten it. Additionally, the hood can be rolled up and snapped into the collar, which is great because running with the hood down was somewhat annoying. The bill on the hood bounced on your back and kind of pulls on the jacket collar if the hood is free, which was really the only downside of the jacket for me. When rolled up, all is good, and it actually looks pretty cool as a casual jacket.

The inside zip pockets are a soft light mesh that pleased me in a way that’s hard to describe. Most jacket pockets absolutely suck in terms of tactile feel. Cheap mesh or polyester. These pockets felt like I always wanted to just have my hands in there. I know, it’s weird. But I loved it. Additionally, the right pocket has a modified compartment that allows for upright items like keys or a wallet to be stored so they won’t fall out if you forget to zip up the pocket.

I should say that while the Arc’teryx Trino SL is reasonably lightweight, there are more lightweight and fully waterproof options out there (like the Mammut Kento Light). Also, this does not pack down into a pocket or bag. However, if I’m honest, I kind of hate those ultralight jackets because they’re just so specific for one purpose — saving weight. So a lot of the time, they don’t have pockets. Or cinch cords. Or normal things a jacket would have. And let’s face it — most of us aren’t elite adventurers. If I’m paying $200 for a lightweight jacket, I want something I can wear on and off the run that accommodates me in both situations, which is exactly where the Arc’teryx Trino SL falls.

arcteryx trino sl hoody - robbe sitting

Trino SL Hoody and Trino SL Tights (Sunglasses by Ombraz, Shoes by Puma)

Negative? I wish this had a hang loop, and it’s super weird it doesn’t because you can’t really hang it from the hood on account of the brim. Again, the brim bounces and its weight pulls on the collar if the hood is not secured. Also, the sleeves are slightly tapered, which is good on the one hand, as it prevents cold air from getting in, but it’s also hard to slide above your GPS watch (especially if it’s a big one like the Coros Vertix 2). You may want to wear your watch on your sleeve.

Lastly, I really loved the wine colorway of this jacket, but I don’t believe it’s available at the moment (perhaps it’s coming soon).

All that to say, I love this hoody and expect it to become a staple of my running wardrobe. If we’re talking Arc’teryx quality and construction, I think it’s pretty reasonable at $219.

PRICE: $219

Shop Trino SL Hoody – Men

Trino SL Tight

Arc'teryx Trino SL tight

ROBBE: So, I wasn’t supposed to be testing these, as they were a women’s small that was sent to Meaghan. However, the women’s small was laughably large on her (a 31″ inseam for a 5’2″ woman? Seriously?). So she passed it off to me, and it fit almost perfectly (though it was still a tad long). I should also point out that the name is a misnomer; in no world are these running tights. They’re just… pants. Which is fine — a lot of people don’t like tights, and these can crossover from running to other outdoor endeavors like hiking and bikepacking.

Like the Arc’teryx Trino SL Hoody, the tights feature GORE-TEX INFINIUM, which is, again, windproof, breathable, and water-resistant. On the run, they offer plenty of room for range of motion and do exactly what they’re meant to do — block out the wind and moderate rain. However, I would recommend adding a light full-length base layer like the Path Projects Tahoe during colder temperatures.

As I said, this is for the runner who doesn’t want a tight but also wants incredibly high-quality technology that will get them through most adverse weather conditions.

PRICE: $149

Shop Trino SL Tight – Women Shop Trino SL Tight – Men

Cormac Pant (Men’s)

Arc'teryx cormac pant

THOMAS: The Arc’teryx Cormac pant is perfect for crossover running. You’re like, “WTH is crossover running?!” I’m talking about those days here in covid times when you don’t have to shower after your run. Like when you can get your miles and then grab breakfast standing up, followed by a quick check on your emails, that turns into just working throughout the day. Before you know it, it’s 7:30 pm, and you realize you haven’t bathed all day, but you feel perfectly fine throwing on a clean t-shirt to help get dinner ready. I’m talking all-day comfort. If you’re a total scumbag like me, you might just shed the Cormac Pant to your bedroom floor, hop in the shower, dream the night away, and then reach for them in the morning to start the whole cycle over again.

See also: The Best Winter Running Pants and Tights

The fitted pant with a drawstring waist has incredibly soft fabric that is insanely comfortable. The material is light and stretchy, with two zippered hand pockets lined with reflective tape. The fabric is thick enough to keep you warm during winter runs. While most jogger-style pants with side pockets are bounce-houses for phones or keys, the Cormac pant kept things surprisingly b bounce-free. That’s usually the downfall of most “jogger-style” pants, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Cormac kept things in place.

Overall, the Cormac is a staple that feels luxurious. The Cormac fits nicely in my regular medium size and will cost you $129. If you get a pair, you’ll probably join my all-day wear club since these pants can do it all from sport to lounge to casual. I’m tempted to see how they look with a sports coat and oxford.

PRICE: $129

Shop Cormac Pant – Men

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