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Accessories • May 9, 2023

Adidas Eyewear 2023 Sunglasses Review

adidas eyewear 2023 - antique black sp0062

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Adidas 2023 Eyewear

Featuring styles ranging from shields to aviators

Used For

Performance endeavors, combining style and high technology



Three Stripe Vision

The equator is getting closer to the sun and your retinas are pulling in more UV than a tanning salon the day before prom, so make sure you’re getting all that protection while looking your best.

Adidas just released its 2023 collection of eyewear, featuring three distinct styles ranging from shields to aviators. All of them are meant for performance sports, and we actually got a chance to test them out for that exact situation in the Sedona desert last fall. We cycled between the eyewear as we ran trails and mountain biked, and can confirm they’re lightweight, comfortable, and do the job you need them to do.

Check out the styles below and pick one up for your summer adventures.


Adidas SP0056_02L (1)

Adidas SP0056


A super lightweight frame at only .8 ounces, this shield style also comes with polycarbonate lenses in ice blue (as seen above) and red sunset. A quick-release lense system allows you to switch out for a clear lens for cycling, while adjustable nose pads provide a comfortable fit with sweat-drain lines.

We wore those for cycling and the frames really do disappear on the face. It’s hard to get lighter than the weight and we appreciated the double-injected temples that kept the glasses in place with a solid grip. They also stayed fog free thanks to the ventilation holes in the temple area.

Shop Adidas SP0056
Adidas SP0060_02A

Adidas SP0060


You can’t go wrong with a good aviator style, and you definitely can’t go wrong if it converts seamlessly from performance to lifestyle. The SP0060 Sport has a flexible frame and adjustable nosepads for a custom fit, as well as high-contrast Kolor-Up polycarbonate lenses. Despite having a sturdy feel, they’re still pretty light at only 1 ounce.

Personally, this is my favorite style just because you can wear them for everything (which is exactly what I did). Shields are great for running and cycling; show up to a kids soccer game with them and everyone knows you’re “that guy.”  The gold accents on the arms are a nice touch, and the adjustable rubber tips help get a full lockdown.

Shop Adidas SP0060


Adidas SP0062_24L (1)

Adidas SP0062


Moving on to the top tier of things, the SP0062 looks similar to the SP0056, but the elements of the eyewear are elevated. At only 0.67 ounces (19 g), the frames are truly featherlight thanks to the anti-fog polycarbonate lenses.

As with the other frames, the SP0062 also comes with adjustable nosepads and rubber end tips on the arms, in addition to ventilation holes on the temples. Is it worth the extra cost over the SP0056? Hard to say, because we didn’t find a huge difference between the two performance-wise. But if you want the best of the best and a pair of frames that truly disappears on the face, then pick this one up (hurry up though, there’s only a few left in stock).

Shop Adidas SP0062

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