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Running Apparel • November 19, 2019

2019 Fall Running Sock Roundup

Holy sh*t there’s a lot of running socks out there. From toe socks to compression, there are more sock options available than entrees on a Cheesecake Factory menu. Nobody has time for that (if you do, you’re way more into feet than we are, and there are other sites for that). So we thought we’d do a fall running sock roundup of what we’ve been wearing/reviewing to give you a good range of options. Sorry, no Christmas stockings– yet.



» Territory Run Co. | The Forest Sock (Fitsok)

Territory Run - The Forest Sock 1

We’re always game for some Territory Run Co. designs on our head, arms, or feet. These 6” crew socks have a nice forest pattern to accompany any trail run. While they’re comfortable (and kept my feet surprisingly warm), I wouldn’t take these on an ultra. There are better options out there for serious trail running. But they’re great for those fun trail runs/hikes/hippie weddings and bonus—they’re made in the USA by Fitsok.

Materials: Nylon blend
Price: $12

Shop Territory Run Co.



» XOSKIN | 5.0 Ankle Sock


XOSKIN Anklet Sock


XOSKIN is another great made in the USA sock company, from right down the road in Maryland. Yes, they are also a sponsor, but one that we’re happy to work with because we know they put more literal blood, sweat, and tears into their apparel than almost any other company. There’s an insane amount of technology in these socks, from the RAPIDriCOPPER fibers to the airflow channels and compressions zones.

These socks are on the thin side, but they are guaranteed to be high-performing in the toughest conditions­— think mud and rain. They work well in any distance, but especially those longer ultra distances. BITR contributor Dave Seel has run multiple ultras in them, never changing socks— and zero blisters to date. You can also check out our latest review of them here.

Use code BITR to save 20% off any order.

Materials: 65% RAPIDriCOPPER™ (PTFE and copper fibers) , 20% Nylon, 15% Elastane
Price: $22




» Balega | Hidden Comfort No Show & Enduro Core


balega hidden comfort

Balega Hidden Comfort

We actually got these a couple months back and wore them through the summer and fall. Super comfortable socks that fit great. They’re on the higher end of the cushion scale, so they’re really nice for those easy miles or long runs. The Drynamix fabric keeps feet cool and dry, while the heel tab prevents any Achilles rubbing.

For a little extra leg coverage, go the Enduro Core route, a no-nonsense crew sock with the same cushion level as the Hidden Comfort.

Materials: 89% Drynamix Polyester, 9% Nylon, 2% spandex
Price: $12

Shop Balega


balega crew white

Balega Enduro Core



» Under Armour | Run Cushion No Show Tab



I actually got these for free cause we did a photoshoot for the Under Armour HOVR Infinite and didn’t have any UA socks to wear. And then I really liked them so much that they’re one of my favorite socks now. The way they fit is really nice, in that they’re not too cushioned, but not too thin. Very flexible, so they’re good for tempo-type workouts, but also any daily run. They have a left and right anatomical fit, and I like the dynamic arch support.

Materials: 65% Nylon/30% Polyester/5% Elastane
Price: $13

Shop Under Armour



» Zensah | Featherweight Compression Socks


zensah featherweight-compression-socks-white-heel-main_2000x


If you have issues with calf/shin pain during runs, or just want faster recovery, definitely check out Zensah, one of the leaders in compression technology. Made in Italy on a 200-needle knitting machine (I think that’s good), the socks are made of polypropylene but are super lightweight as the name suggests. They work great in any weather and ventilate surprisingly well for long socks. Like any good sock, they are seamless to eliminate any chafe points, and the compression is real– these will hold your calves in place without feeling too restrictive.

Materials: Zensah Fabric (polypropylene) – Moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and temperature regulating
Price: $49.99

Shop Zensah




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