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Winter GRIT Strength Training for Runners: Week 1

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What You Need To Know


Coach Jess Movold, certified Strength Run Coach

The What

Exercises to help you during your Winter GRIT training

Stay Strong

What’s up, GRIT Crew??

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Coach Jess Movold with The FORT and I’m a certified Strength Coach and Run Coach. I was based in New York City for 14 years, but now you can find me running the trails in Austin, Texas, embracing the “y’all” and trying all of the taco trucks. I’m pumped to get strong with y’all!

Now, let’s talk about why strength training is important and why you should incorporate it into your GRIT running routine.

Understanding the value of strength training for runners is essential, offering significant benefits that go beyond simply building muscle. Incorporating a consistent routine that includes resistance-based training provides a protective layer against injuries by strengthening muscles, enhancing joint stability, improving balance, and highlighting unilateral imbalances. Beyond this, a regular strength routine sharpens running mechanics, refining each stride for improved efficiency and power. Exercises like squats, lunges, and plyometrics not only boost muscle strength but also optimize running form and biomechanics.

Throughout Winter GRIT, I’ll provide you with a weekly strength training workout. Get it done, get strong, and let’s build together.

Below are the details for Week 1. Check out the guided workout video below and take your time so that you can execute great reps. Remember– quality first and don’t rush through the movements. If you’re just starting your strength training journey, be conservative on the weights and prioritize executing the proper movement patterns first.



Number of rounds: 3

World’s Greatest Stretch (5 reps per side )
Shoulder Taps (10 reps total)
Reverse Lunges (5 reps per side)
Air Squats (10 reps)

Main Strength

Front squats, using a barbell or dumbbells (5 sets x 6 reps)
Rest 90 seconds between sets

Support Strength Work

Number of rounds: 3

10 reps DB RDL
10 reps DB Split Squat (per side)
10 reps DB Push Press

THAW (Test of Heart And Will)

50 burpees for time (Modification: 5 minute clock with max reps of burpees– move at your own pace!)

Good luck and check back next week for your next set of strength training!

Winter GRIT Strength Training

ft. Coach Jess Movold


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