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General Running • September 26, 2022

Train To NYC | Team Training Log: 6 Weeks To Go

train to nyc 6 weeks

What You Need To Know

  • We’re training for the New York City Marathon with New Balance on November 6, 2022
  • Shoe of choice: New Balance Supercomp Trainer
  • Check out our training recap for the week of September 18 to September 24 (six weeks until race day)

This week, we’ve been enjoying the cool temperatures here in Maryland as fall truly came in at the perfect time. Some of us had some big tune-up and full-on races (including the Berlin Marathon), while others are getting back into the groove of things after some injury time off. All-in-all, things are looking good as we’re now a month and a half out from race day!

Leaving NYC after the Bronx 10 Mile

I logged my last real workout before the London Marathon on Wednesday. Nothing fancy, just 2 x 2 miles at marathon pace (which ended up being tempo pace because I have zero chill right now). The taper is my least favorite segment of training, so I’m mentally preparing for the week ahead. We’re also attempting to transition to British Summer Time by going to bed super early and waking up super early, so I should be a real treat to be around this week.

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On Monday we traveled back from NYC after the Bronx 10 Mile. I was beat! I took the day off and I don’t regret it even a little. That Tuesday’s run felt amazing. I had to keep control and not let the fresh legs push the pace. Knowing that I had a workout on Wednesday, I wanted to save the speed.

Treadmills have their place with my training. I wanted to go into taper for London with confidence, so I hit the mill to lock paces in. Using the treadmill for speedwork occasionally helps in a couple of ways. First, feeling the pace and how the cadences and effort feel without having to guess frees my mind up to just feel the run. I think they call that cognitive offloading. Additionally, the mill can take the stress away from trying to hit a pace, just lock in and hold on. Before you know it, the workout is done flawlessly and you now know you can hold goal paces.

There are advantages to feeling the paces on the road, but sometimes I want to just feel it. The “long run” on Saturday (12 miles) felt like cheating. After big miles in the previous weeks, 12 went by without much effort. The ease was helped by sharing the miles with the Faster Bastards, and specifically, Robbe and Jarrett. Oh, and the cooler temps didn’t hurt either.

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What a week! I went from feeling like absolute garbage post-Bronx 10 Mile and traveling at the beginning of the week, to questioning every fitness goal and the meaning of life mid-week, to the high of nailing a hard effort at the Akron Half Marathon on Saturday and feeling unstoppable. If this week doesn’t accurately depict how psycho you have to be to claim the title of runner, I don’t know what does. Felt absolutely amazing out there in the half marathon and walked away with a solid effort and new PR of 1:22! Another week bites the dust for a step closer to NYC Marathon!

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I told coach that short, one-minute repeats hard are so much better than mile repeats. Hopefully she doesn’t make me suffer next week because of this feedback. Anyways, I pushed my Wednesday workout hard and it felt so good. The weather has finally broken and cool fall temperatures are upon us. I woke up extra early on Saturday to get six miles in before meeting up with Thomas to continue with 12 more. My hands were freezing and I loved it! Starting our training journey weeks ago was so hot and defeating. Things are clicking and the cool weather is making running life grand.

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Bit of a victory lap of a week for me. After coming off the great PR of the Bronx 10 Mile I came back home to all sorts of “congratulations” and celebrations! Maybe hit a few too many restaurants and friendly gatherings after work for my own good. Made waking up early for some runs nearly (sometimes literally) impossible. Even had a bit of a slower tempo Thursday than I usually do, which– while still a great run– made me “hmph” at my running discipline a bit. Squeezed in a Sunday solo 10-miler so I could work on my pacing while getting a great effort in on some hills. It’s great to celebrate my running, but I’ve got work to do.

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Training in the New Balance SC Trainer

Running the Berlin Marathon was an amazing experience full of all the highs and lows that come with running marathons. Excited to get it done for my 11th marathon finish, looking forward to turning this around and running another one in seven weeks!

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Finishing the Berlin Marathon!

Loved the Bronx 10 miler, but the body needed a bit longer than I expected to recover. Was able to turn things around by the end of the week with a solid 20 miler, and shocked myself with a progression run the following day.

Favorite part of this week: running with friends. Low of the week: I AM TIAD!!!! Fatigue is starting to set in.

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Finally, a week of real running! I took it easy earlier in the week, running a couple 4-mile runs trying to ease back into things. A hilly 6-mile run on Wednesday with the Faster Bastards hit harder than I expected, but I guess that was the first time I had run hills in a month, so the story checks out. Wasn’t sure how Saturday would go, but with temps in the low fifties, I had to get in a long run. Ten miles later and I was feeling pretty good overall. Basically gonna ladder up from here ’til race day and see what happens. The raccoon is back! Dumpsters beware.

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Basically a 50-mile week in the bank and feeling more and more confident about my training. Ran a 22-mile long run with some marathon effort thrown in there and surprised myself on how well I did. The fall cold temps are making the runs easier, more enjoyable, and flexible with my schedule. I’m slowly creeping out from the depths of garbage training cycles.

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Fallback week which means I got to rip it on a 12-miler instead of slog a long run and it felt good just to see what my legs can do with a little turnover. Got a few hours in on the bike, lots of strength work, and enough mileage to make me actually feel like I’m training for a marathon now!

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