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General Running • October 3, 2023

Train to NYC 2 Training Log: 5 Weeks to Go

What You Need To Know

What We're Doing

Running the 2023 New York City Marathon with New Balance

Who's Running It

Some of the best runners and humans that we could assemble for a team

What We're Training In

New Balance SC Trainer v2, New Balance More v4, New Balance SC Elite v3

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And Now, We Peak

We’ve come so far over the last two months. The mornings have been long, the workouts have been tiring, but the time has gone by faster than our speed days. We’ve been building this thing brick by brick. Everything is increasing in volume as we enter the peak weeks of training, where fatigue seems to follow wherever we go and our appetite for refueling never seems to fade. We’ve been here before, we know it’s all part of the process, but that doesn’t make it any less wearisome. But come race day, we’ll feel stronger than ever.

Check out each individual’s current status and follow along each week to see how we’re holding up!

Feeling 💃

Meaghan Murray

Time is flying over here. I cannot believe it’s October already and we’re headed to Chicago this weekend. I had my last marathon paced workout, and for the first time during this training cycle, the paces felt like they should! A taper week ahead and then we’ll be back to the grind for NYC!

Total miles this week: 67


BITR IG Posts - meaghan murray - train to nyc 2 (2)

Train to NYC 2 fam

Feeling 🤠

Thomas Neuberger

Even with years of marathon training under my belt, I can still get intimidated by workouts. Coming back from a long injury amplified my anxiety. But here we are. With help from my coach and some runs with my friends, I’ve been able to string together a streak of workouts pointing towards success in NYC. I’m not gonna get ahead of myself, but man it feels good to watch the fitness come back. Hopefully, on a chilly day in NYC this fall I’ll be yelling, “ON YOUR LEFT!”

Total miles this week: 44

BITR IG Posts - thomas train to nyc 2
new balance 5th avenue mile - thomas

Feeling ⚾️

Robbe Reddinger

Maybe it’s the fall vibes, maybe it’s the fact that the Orioles are in the playoffs and I was at the game when they clinched the pennant. Whatever it is, last week was great. I’ve switched to running in the evenings for Monday through Wednesday, because that’s what I did during my best marathon cycles. I’m an evening person, so I just need to embrace it. It’s been going great and I’ve been looking forward to my runs much more. Also crushed my first 20-miler since April, running with Jarrett and keeping up with Thomas and his three sets of 2 x 7:50 marathon miles. Three more weeks of solid training (just don’t get injured).

Total miles this week: 52

BITR IG Posts - robbe train to nyc 2

Feeling 🚂

Meghann Featherstun

I took my Berlin marathon recovery very seriously this week and slept 10 hours every night. That’s heaven if ya ask me. But even with a much needed week off running, I missed the grind and I’m pumped to be back on the train this week with our epic crew.

Total miles this week: 10

BITR IG Posts - Meghann Featherstun - train to nyc 2
group of runners in central park

Fueled by bagels

Feeling 🎢

Alison Staples

This training block has been the most up and down rollercoaster ride I’ve ever had for a training cycle. A solid 37 miles this week after 0 miles last week. The Achilles is better? But not in marathon shape? No idea where my fitness or body stands at this point. Happy to cap off the week with a 19-mile long run.

Total miles this week: 37

alison staples - nyc marathon 2
woman running with bushes in background

Feeling 🌟

Jarrett Weisberg

Finally felt like I had my first strong training week. Put up my highest mileage this cycle and had a fun 20-mile long run with Thomas and Robbe on Saturday. It was supposed to be 16 and next week 20, but I’ve got a wedding next weekend and there’s no shot I could do 20 before heading to Virginia to break it down on the dance floor then drive home all in the same day. The ups and downs of marathon training continue, and I’m really happy to be feeling great!

Total miles this week: 52

jarrett weisberg - train to nyc 2
New Balance sc trainer v2

New Balance SC Trainer v2

Feeling 🦬

Brandon Rossi

I did some running (not a ton), but also did my regular cross training while exploring Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Total miles this week: 12

Feeling 🛌

Chris Ford

RECOVERY! Dropped it back this week to get over Berlin and be ready for the final push to NYC! Back in the saddle next week as I aim to increase my mileage in the final few weeks. Major FOMO of Chicago with a lot of my friends taking part. Focus though is to get the miles through my legs without upsetting the disc in my back that has caused all the issues for me this training block! This week I also got excited to see all the New Balance merch for NYC and then realized we can’t get it in the UK including the NYC 1080v13! This means I will have to bring an extra suitcase to put all my swag (and Robbe) in to bring home!

Total miles this week: 20

Feeling 🔥 ☔️

Emily Heller

Another week of (mostly) rainy runs! Is the universe trying to tell me something? Is race day going to be a rainy day too?! Well if that’s the case, I should be okay! Had a great 21 miles on Saturday. Threw a local half marathon in the mix for 13.1 of those miles and had a blast with all my running pals. Can’t believe how close the marathon is getting.

Total miles this week: 45

emily heller - train to nyc 2
emily heller the drop

Listen to our podcast interview with Emily!

Feeling 💅

Jess Movold

How is it the end of another week already??! I feel like I’m getting pranked with the time here and it’s constantly the end of another training week. Just me?? Training is going well. Fitness is building and I was able to fly into NYC just to do my long run. Kidding. Came in for a friend’s bday but was able to do my 20-miler in Central Park and that was glorious. Lots of friendly faces and the cooler temps boosted my confidence! Oh yeah, also, I got a massage on Saturday and the guy told me my ankle feels “off” so I should probably get that looked at soon. It’s the one I rolled in the first mile of an 18-miler a few weeks back. It’s fine. Everything is fine. 😅

Total miles this week: 59

BITR IG Posts - jess movold - train to nyc 2
woman running with other people smiling

Probably having too much fun

Feeling 🥹

Chef Joel Mays III

Taper time for the Chicago Marathon. Took the last week of my first training block very easy to get my legs right for the start line. It’s been a great 4 months of training so far. Now it’s time to go out there and give it my all. I hope to meet some of you out there on the course–  just say “chef” and I know you’re talking to me 😂. My body is getting some much needed recovery this week with massages and compression. Five weeks away from NYC as well. It’s going to be a great time. I hit over 100 miles for the third consecutive month as well. This challenge has been amazing and the rewards will be at the finish line.

Total miles this week: 18

chef joel mays III - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🦄

Katherine Wuestenfeld

Had one of those unicorn weeks where every run just clicked and I felt smooth and strong. I almost wished it was race week! I had a bit of a cutback in mileage this week with sights set on the Chicago Marathon next weekend. NYC is my goal race of the cycle so I’ll be treating Chicago as a supported long run workout and won’t actually be racing, but I’m hoping it sets the tone for the final month of training before NYC!

Total miles this week: 51

Katherine Wuestenfeld - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🎉

Marcus Fitts

Started the week really well aiming to hit my weekly goal, then Thursday hit and I had a weird pain in my left leg. Thankfully it went away by Sunday to get in 21 miles for the day which felt incredible. Smashed my MP training pace. Excited to get the energy going.

Total miles this week: 36

marcus fitts profile 1

Feeling 💐

Hollyn Vermillion

I’m going to echo what Alison said, this training season continues to be a roller coaster for me. Some weeks feel great and others have been a struggle. I’ve realized how much more time is needed for marathon training. I’m still enjoying the process and am counting down the days until my first marathon. Although I didn’t have a long run this weekend, I had a fantastic weekend getting to celebrate my sister-in-law’s wedding instead! Time with family is always good for the soul. Entering the last month of #TraintoNYC energetic and just thankful to be able to have this opportunity to run in this marathon.

Total miles this week: 19

Feeling 🥳 🎉

Lo Johnson

Back in business! Great week of work. I hit all my mileage/runs. My hamstring felt great all week. My greatest highlight this week was punching into the 1,000 miles in a year club!! Let’s goooo!! Ran 23 miles for my long run, I hydrated well, and practiced taking gels. Taper mode heading into the Baltimore Run Fest! I have some unfinished business before NYC!

Total miles this week: 47

lo johnson - train to nyc 2

Feeling 💆🏼‍♀️

Liv Paxton

Somehow managed to get some miles in during taper week in between frantically checking my weather app. The good news is Chicago is going to have perfect weather. The bad news is I still have to run 26.2 miles next week.

Total miles this week: 42

BITR IG Posts - liv paxton - train to nyc 2

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Train to NYC 2 Training Log: 4 Weeks to Go