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General Running • October 11, 2023

Train to NYC 2 Training Log: 4 Weeks to Go


What You Need To Know

What We're Doing

Running the 2023 New York City Marathon with New Balance

Who's Running It

Some of the best runners and humans that we could assemble for a team

What We're Training In

New Balance SC Trainer v2, New Balance More v4, New Balance SC Elite v3, New Balance 1080v13

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The Last Major

If watching records fall and friends find PRs is your idea of a good time, then the Chicago Marathon really hit your sweet spot this past weekend. It was a race for the ages with the men’s marathon record broken by Kelvin Kiptum, another giant step forward towards the sub-2-hour marathon on an official course. Of course, we can’t forget our own Meaghan Murray who fell short of her moonshot OTQ, but still came a way with a marathon PR at the end of the day.

All of that has us fired up for the 2023 New York City Marathon with New Balance, which is now less than a month away. So we keep on keeping on, the miles accumulating, with taper time just over the crest of the hill.

See how our training has been going.

Feeling 🥰

Meaghan Murray

Took a stop in Chicago to race the marathon and left with a new PR of 2:45. I fell quite short of my initial goal of an OTQ, but I had so much freakin’ fun. I loved meeting some of our Train to NYC crew and I cannot wait to cross another finish line with this team in a few more weeks.

Total miles this week: 58


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Feeling 🤠

Thomas Neuberger

Had a great time spectating Chicago, watching Meaghan PR, and hanging out with old and new friends alike. Nailed a 20-mile run on Friday morning before we left, felt nice to get that out of the way before the big weekend. Looking forward to rounding this thing out in the coming weeks.

Total miles this week: 49

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new balance 5th avenue mile - thomas

Feeling 🙄

Robbe Reddinger

Well, I ended last week’s check-in with a “just don’t get injured.” Welp, I got injured. Was having the workout of my life (or at least the last year), crushing some big hills in Baltimore, when I landed on some debris and rolled my left ankle real good. I walked a bit and had someone pick me up, but it was a huge setback mentally. I didn’t want to miss any long runs this cycle, and though it was a step back week, I didn’t want to take off. But I did the right thing this time and took care of it with rest and ice, CBD cream and Arnica gel, and the swelling stayed down. Four days off, missed out on 26 miles of running, but I’m back. Taping the ankles from here on out and putting everything I can into finishing strong.

Total miles this week: 16

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Feeling 🖤

Meghann Featherstun

Tell me what’s better than watching so many of our train riders crush the Chicago marathon?! Hands down the highlight of the week. Slowly getting some mileage back under my belt after the Berlin Marathon, but so happy to sit back and watch others crush their goals this week!

Total miles this week: 33

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group of runners in central park

Fueled by bagels

Feeling 🥐

Alison Staples

Training went well this week! Nothing flashy. Just bread and butter easy runs and a 3-hour long run. Looking forward to the taper, just gotta make it through peak week.

Total miles this week: 37

alison staples - nyc marathon 2
woman running with bushes in background

Feeling 😴

Jarrett Weisberg

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty tired. Training and having a newborn is exhausting. Shoutout to everyone who is doing this same dance right now. It was nice having fewer miles this week after hitting it hard last week. My 16-mile long run was relaxed and now I just have to mentally prepare for next week’s 22-miler. So close to NYC. Must keep grinding.

Total miles this week: 47

jarrett weisberg - train to nyc 2
New Balance sc trainer v2

New Balance SC Trainer v2

Feeling 🍎

Brandon Rossi

The NYC Marathon is coming up! Did a mixture of road and treadmill miles along with some cross training on the bike. I was so jealous to see all of the fun action that was happening in Chicago, but I know that NYC weekend will be just as great! Let’s do this thing.

Total miles this week: 12

Feeling 😉

Chris Ford

FOMO is real people! OMG watching everyone in Chicago was unreal! Well done everyone who smashed it! I was representing at the Royal Parks Half over here in London. It is a great event through the parks of London and taking in some of the sights along the way. My back is still playing me up, so again– limited miles and just managing the situation the best I can. We have another race this Sunday which will be fun.

Total miles this week: 37

Feeling 📈

Emily Heller

Less than a month to go! Started off the week under the weather, so I opted for extra rest and skipped a run. Luckily it was a cutback week anyway. I felt much better by the end of the week and crushed my 15 miler!

Total miles this week: 30

emily heller - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🤘 🍎

Jess Movold

WHATS GOOD, NY?? I was in nyc this weekend for a wedding and &Mother event and I have to say– I’m starting to get excited! The weather is crisp, the park feels vibrant, and I’m starting to feel that marathon magic. Unfortunately, I only got 15 miles of my 21-mile long run complete on Saturday night but I’ll hit a 22-miler this weekend. Let’s goooo!

Total miles this week: 58

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woman running with other people smiling

Probably having too much fun

Feeling ⭐️

Chef Joel Mays III

Chicago Marathon!!!! It was amazing and I hit a PR. Mile 22 was a killer but it got done. I received my first major marathon star and am going back to the drawing board for the next few weeks to do it all over again in New York. Have a great week everyone.

Total miles this week: 30

chef joel mays III - train to nyc 2

Feeling ❤️

Katherine Wuestenfeld

Highlight of the week certainly was running the Chicago Marathon as part of my buildup to NYC! The weather was great, the crowds were even better. I ran with so much joy through my hometown and it got me so excited for a few more weeks of training to sharpen things up for the big apple!

Total miles this week: 57

Katherine Wuestenfeld - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🥲

Marcus Fitts

Week of recovery! Had a joint strain and some cartilage inflammation so PT recommended I rest up. Still cross trained with bands and cycling. Ended up doing the Army 10 miler in DC with little discomfort.

Total miles this week: 15

marcus fitts profile 1

Feeling 🤠

Hollyn Vermillion

Ended my week with a 20-miler and that was a confidence booster! With less than a month to go now, I’m ready to lock in on this last month of training. Seeing everyone run Chicago is an extra motivator and gets me even more excited for NYC!

Total miles this week: 37

Feeling 🧊

Lo Johnson

I’m in taper mode headed into the Baltimore Running Festival this weekend. I feel okay if I’m being honest. At about 6/10 with about 5 days to go. I’m going to carb up early and get at least 9 hrs of sleep all week. This will be great practice heading into NEW YORK. Ready to feel all the hard work pay off. SB Kelvin Kelvin Kelvin 2:00 in Chicago was wild to watch!

Total miles this week: 23

lo johnson - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🎡 🥩

Liv Paxton

Chicago was absolutely magical. Despite some nutrition issues (Meghann- any advice?) I finally crushed the 3-hour barrier with a 2:56:38! I couldn’t be more excited. I (maybe) celebrated a bit too hard (ie. walking almost ten miles after the race) and I’m now paying for it. Highlights of the celebrations included a stop by Mr. Beef and fearing for my life on the Centennial Ferris Wheel. Time to rest up and recharge for NYC!

Total miles this week: 43

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