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General Running • August 23, 2023

Train to NYC 2 Training Log: 11 Weeks to Go


What You Need To Know

What We're Doing

Running the 2023 New York City Marathon with New Balance

Who's Running It

Some of the best runners and humans that we could assemble for a team

What We're Training In

New Balance SC Trainer v2, New Balance More v4, New Balance SC Elite v3

The Countdown Continues

Schools are starting again, August is soon coming to a close, and hopefully cooler running temps are around the corner. Meanwhile, marathon training is heating up as we get ready for the Train to NYC² team to run the five boroughs with New Balance for the 2023 New York City Marathon.

This week, some of us ran a hard race effort at the Falmouth Road Race and found out what we’re made of (at the 7-mile distance, anyway). Others were figuring out how to manage running while having a one-week-old newborn. The rest of us are just doing our thing, racking up more miles as we advance towards our goal.

Check out each individual’s current status and follow along each week to see how we’re holding up!

Running with some friends in Boston

Feeling 😴

Meaghan Murray

You know you’re in the thick of marathon training when 70 miles is a “down” week. We raced the Falmouth Road Race on Sunday, so I didn’t have a true long run, but did get in a solid workout mid-week. I didn’t hit the paces I had hoped for at the race, but it was a fun weekend with the Believe in the Run team. Maybe too much fun. 

Total miles this week: 72

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Feeling 🤫

Thomas Neuberger

This was another week where I needed to take a step back due to the foot being feisty. I wasn’t sure if I’d be up to the challenge of running the Falmouth Road Race, but I was able to knock it out. Even with cycling, my fitness isn’t in prime shape. I have an appointment with an orthopedist Friday. I am hoping to have some answers as to what’s up with the foot.

Total miles this week: 27

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Feeling 🤷‍♂️

Robbe Reddinger

Didn’t get a ton of miles last week, but capped everything off with the Falmouth Road Race. Honestly, I’ve done about zero speed work in the last 4 months and minimal running in the last month and a half, so wasn’t expecting much. Somehow I turned out a pretty decent race with a 7:05/mile average pace over 7 miles on a hilly and hot course. I will take that every day. Now I just need to stretch that out by 300% so I can run an actual marathon in 10 weeks. The good news is that life is slowing down a bit over a nonstop summer, so I’m hoping I can focus a bit more on my training.

Total miles this week: 22

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Feeling 💃

Meghann Featherstun

A “down week” from training was much needed– my body was feeling this summer’s craziness! Lots of easy miles with a little mid-week workout. Capped this off with the Falmouth Road Race smashed into the middle of a long run. Automatic 7-mile race PR because, well, I’ve never raced 7 miles before. Also reminded myself I’m pretty terrible at holding and enduring faster paces, so back to the marathon grind (aka my happy place).

Total miles this week: 45

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The Megs

Feeling 😩

Alison Staples

Slipped in the shower earlier last week and bruised my left lower leg pretty bad. Thankfully it wasn’t worse! Skipped all my workouts and just ran easy for the week. Also took an extra rest day. Wasn’t sure how my long run would go, but knocked out 14 miles with Lo and a few other friends.

Total miles this week: 34

alison staples - nyc marathon 2

Feeling 🥸

Jarrett Weisberg

It was the first week home from the hospital with the new baby! We had a night nurse until Saturday, so I had the ability to run in the mornings. I finally got a pair of wide SC trainer 2 which I ran my Saturday 15 mile long run in and the first impressions are niceeee. It was great to get all my miles in this week, but let’s see what happens next week with having way more responsibilities. I’ve got a feeling this past week was a fraud and I’m in for a rude awakening.

Total miles this week: 42

jarrett weisberg - train to nyc 2
New Balance sc trainer v2

New Balance SC Trainer v2

Feeling 🥵

Brandon Rossi

Falmouth Road Race weekend! It was a blast running with the team in Boston and being part of the last stop on the Hydration Tour. Eleven miles this week so it was a brutally tough race and as always super hot out there. Overall a fun weekend can’t wait to get out there and prep for the 5th Avenue Mile!

Total miles this week: 11

Feeling 🏕

Chris Ford

Last week of my two-week vacation! Returned from Spain and headed out for a boys weekend in the New Forest for an action packed weekend! Not much running for a few reasons, but back in the saddle this coming week with a “normal” week ahead! Twentyt miles on the plan for the weekend. Also, I just realized the Berlin Marathon is only 5 weeks away. I am using Berlin as a long, slow run but still– only 5 weeks to go!

Total miles this week: 20

Feeling 💪

Emily Heller

Alright alright, back in action! This week was all about building up a little more mileage and adding some speedier miles to the plan. I tried a new route for my long run and got incredibly lost, but it was fun to explore a new area regardless. That’s what running is all about! Right now I’m feeling really enthusiastic and dialed in.

Total miles this week: 35

emily heller - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🫠

Jess Movold

It was a slow start to the week with building my weekly mileage. We were traveling back to Austin on Monday and then on Tuesday I literally procrastinated my run until I was back in pajamas at the end of the day and finally surrendered to skipping it. Back on track Wednesday with a 800m track workout and tackled my first 20-miler on Saturday. All in all, a decent week of training.

Total miles this week: 52

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Feeling 😳

Chef Joel Mays III

Half Marathon #4! Hot Trot Half Marathon to cap off the week and I finished my race in the same time as I predicted. Afterwards, some recovery miles with my run club ZFT Dallas.

It was a great week to learn about what feels good and what time to run in this heat. Eating a lot cleaner and feeling better about my recovery time. Learning each week how my intake of water plays a factor, especially with double digit mileage. The New Balance SC Trainer v2 felt amazing. A great training shoe for long runs and recovery runs. Have a great week. 

Total miles this week: 28

chef joel mays III - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🤩

Katherine Wuestenfeld

This was a confidence boosting week. I hit all my splits in my workout and long run workout thanks in part to some cooler weather and did it while still traveling which is always a win. This was one of those weeks where I really remembered why I love the grind of marathon training (I’ll try to remember that this coming week when we experience a heat wave again). Looking forward to getting back into my routine at home but grateful to Minneapolis for all the fun runs this past week!

Total miles this week: 51

Katherine Wuestenfeld - train to nyc 2

Feeling 🦖

Marcus Fitts

Had a triathlon training camp so more focus on swimming, biking and runs off the bike. Did a 16-mile long run Sunday which felt really good.

Total miles this week: 20

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Feeling 🫤

Hollyn Vermillion

This week’s training was interrupted by poor air quality and a sore ankle. I took some time off to rest my ankle before it gets any worse and to also avoid running in smoky air. I was able to end my week on a good run with even better company which made up for a rather disappointing week of running otherwise. 

Total miles this week: 15

Feeling 💥

Liv Paxton

First full week at my new job and I managed to get in all of my miles for the first time all summer. Who even am I? Also the weather was amazing at the end of the week. Fall is in the air (or at least pumpkin is back in coffee shops). Crushed a workout Thursday and an 18-miler Sunday. I have the Hood to Coast Relay next week so I’m ready to keep these good vibes rolling.

Total miles this week: 62

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