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General Running • October 25, 2023

Time Travel with the All-New Timex Ironman x James Brand Collab

timex ironman x james brand - feature

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What You Need To Know

The Collab

Timex Ironman x James Brand

The Items

Throwback neon Timex Ironman performance watch, EDC folding knife, retro wallet

Price & Availability

Available now for $99 (watch), $99 (knife), $29 wallet

Turn Back The Time

It’s not their first collab together and it probably won’t be their last. But for all those who grew up in the ‘80s, the all-new Timex collaboration with The James Brand will strike a certain nostalgic note.

The three-piece set of a Timex Ironman performance watch, The James Brand Redstone folding knife, and retro wallet are certainly a blast from the past, and make a perfect set to bring some vibrancy on the run, on the trails, or just life in general.

timex ironman x james brand - set of three

Redstone EDC knife, Timex Ironman watch, Retro wallet

Endurance athletes will embrace the old school watch ($99), which features an electric yellow resin case, accented by bright red buttons and paired with a sustainable slip-thru strap made from upcycled, ocean-bound plastic. It also features an impressive 100m of water resistance, meaning it’ll be your sidekick for any adventure on land or sea. Of course, it has all the digital elements we love from a classic Timex Ironman, including a countdown timer, 30-lap memory stopwatch, and Indiglo display (a certain hue that triggers only the best childhood memories).

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On any good trail adventure, it’s always nice to have an EDC knife in case of emergency. The James Brand Redstone ($99) is perfect for that, designed to be compact and lightweight and incredibly strong. The proprietary slide-lock design ensures the blade remains secure during activity, while allowing for easy, one-handed use when necessary. It’s truly a knife that fits anywhere and, at 1.8 oz., almost disappears. Luckily, the bold colorway will stand out should you drop it on the forest floor.

timex ironman x james brand - edc speedland

The James Brand Redstone knife pairs well with Speedland shoes

Then there’s the tri-fold Retro Wallet ($29), which is exactly how you remember lightweight wallets from the ‘80s.

Except, instead of a photo of your middle school crush and a ticket stub from your first concert, you can now put real credit cards in it. Of course, there’s the classic “grip it and rip it” soundtrack to our youth, as you open the Velcro to access payment for a pack of 1989 Upper Deck baseball cards.

Like Griffey in his prime, the collection is a home run, so grab it while it’s available.

You can learn more and pick up the items at Timex or The James Brand while supplies last.

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timex ironman x james brand - running

Ready for adventure (photo courtesy of Timex)


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