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The Drop Running Podcast E97 (Ruth Croft, Adidas Terrex Pro)

Do you know where the name steeplechase came from? Cause we don’t. It doesn’t stop us from theorizing, not that we have a good answer. After that, we also recap the first week of Summer GRIT and Meg kicking ass and taking names at a festive 10K race. As always, there’s some shoe talk, so we spend a little while talking about how much we love the Nike Pegasus Trail 4.

After that, we sit down to chat with a woman who not only ran Western States this year but won the damn thing. That’s right, Ruth Croft stops by, which is freakin’ awesome. Even better, Ruth ran the third-fastest time ever. She tells us about her training, her strategy (including her fueling), and how the heck she got into ultrarunning in the first place. As a Terrex athlete, of course, there’s some time to talk about the latest that Adidas has been cooking up.

Check out the audio podcast below or head even further down for the video version.


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