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The Drop Podcast • April 19, 2024

E251 | The 128th Boston Marathon Recap

the drop e251 boston marathon recap


We almost split this into two podcasts, but instead, you get the whole rundown in one shot (for better or for worse). We went up to Boston, we had an absolute blast with our New Balance group run and meet and greet on Friday, and Saturday our mind-blowing Asics run and cap giveaway on Sunday, and of course– the crown jewel of running, the 128th Boston Marathon, thanks to Adidas.

There were moments of pure joy and others of slight regret. It all came together for an unforgettable weekend that we’d do a hundred times over if we could. Thank you to everyone showed up and said hello during the race, and who made this weekend a true success. You are the reason we do this and can keep doing this, and you’re more of an inspiration than you know.

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The Drop E251 | Boston Marathon Recap


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