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The Drop Running Podcast E92 (Nick Roché, Adidas AdiZero Global Product Manager)

Apparently, Robbe the Raccoon is contagious. Not in the fact that he’ll turn you into a raccoon, but apparently, the mindset is spreading. Now he’s getting fanart. We talk about that in the intro this week, as well as pondering whether or not plants have feelings. I mean, they can listen to music (thanks, Mythbusters), so there’s gotta be something going on there. On a running, or rather recovery, note, we also chat about Kane shoes that Thomas and Meaghan have been wearing for a few weeks.

After all of that goodness and nonsense, it’s time to sit down with the one and only Nick Roché. Following an accomplished career as both a runner and cyclist, he’s now the Global Product Manager for the Adidas AdiZero line. We chat about his involvement with elite shoes like the Takumi Sen 8, all-new Adios Pro 3, and more. We also talk him into giving us an idea of what lies beyond Lightstrike Pro and what’s next for Adidas racing in general.

Here’s the audio version of this week’s pod, and you can head even further down for a video version of the intro.


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