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The Drop Running Podcast E90 (Rickey Gates, Salomon Athlete)

We’ve got a pretty special one for you this week — Robbe’s not in it. He’s off on a well-earned vacation for turning 40, and we have Brandon in his place. The team recaps a weekend spent in San Francisco, full of Salomon, Ciele, and booze. It’s probably not a great thing that the collab party was the night before a group run, but we survived. Thomas, Meaghan, and Brandon also ran Bay to Breakers, which was a wild time. There were Pikachu butts, lumberjacks, and groups of 13 people tied together and running fast. No, it really wasn’t a fever dream.

After that, Robbe pops in with Thomas for a chat with Rickey Gates. It’s a special interview from their time in San Francisco with only a little bit of hotel lobby bashing. You might recognize Gates from running every single street in San Francisco, or maybe you know him from running across the whole damn country. Either way, the dude’s got some endurance to go around. We spoke to him about Salomon’s collabs with Ciele, as well as how he stays motivated on his incredible runs.

Give the audio podcast a listen below, or head further down for the video versions.


Interview with Rickey

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