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The Drop • May 13, 2022

The Drop E89 | Ray Zahab, Explorer & Ultrarunner



Ever wonder how someone becomes an explorer? Ray Zahab started when he was 30 after rethinking his path in life. Since then, he has run 17,000+ km across the world’s deserts, in addition to completing multiple unsupported expeditions in some of the coldest places on the planet (yeah, he’s been to the South Pole). He’s also the founder of Impossible2Possible, providing all-expense paid adventure-based learning programs for students around the globe.

Learn more about Ray’s expeditions

Learn more about Impossible2Possible

*APOLOGIES FOR THE AUDIO FROM THE INTRO THIS WEEK!! Our recording was corrupted and we had to use raw audio from the video recording. Please still listen to Ray’s interview, the audio is fine from that.*

Give the audio podcast a listen below, or head further down for the video intro.

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