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Skechers GoRun Ride 5 Review

The Good

Thomas: The GoRun Ride 5 is Skechers’ middle of the road trainer. It is a “Jack of all trades” kind of shoe. The Ride 5 is light enough to pick up the pace and cushioned enough for higher mileage training. I took the shoe out for a 13.1 tempo run and felt comfortable in the warm up miles and was able to surpass my marathon pace goals without the shoe feeling clunky. The GoRun Ride has really come a long way since its introduction. The ride is smooth with a stable firm midsole that gets more flexible towards the front of the foot. The fit is very comfortable and forgettable. Forgettable in a good way, like disappearing on your foot. The GRR5 weighs in at a scant 9.45 oz. which is pretty awesome for this much shoe. John Schrup, Skechers Texas Territory Manager agrees “I put them on and they fit me like a sock and they disappear underfoot. That’s the most important thing. They’re a lightweight workhorse kind of shoe. They’re not the lightest, nor the most cushioned, but they can do it all.”

Meaghan: The GOrun Ride 5 (GRR5) is basically a beefed up version of the GRR4. Beefed up in a good way. Skechers added more Resalyte® cushioning and it seems like there’s more padding just about everywhere. It’s a super comfortable, plush shoe. The toebox is slightly wider in this model, which I’m happy about. There’s plenty of room for toes to spread out. The upper of the GRR5 looks similar to it’s predecessor, but the overlays have been welded-on rather than stitched. It’s a nice, seamless fit. What really made a difference for me is the new midsole/outsole construction. It looks and feels similar to the GR4 and the rubber pods (GOimpulse® Sensors) have been repositioned for a much smoother ride. One of the complaints I had about the GRR4 was the rubber placement on the outsole. It was just off for me, but I think they nailed it with the GRR5.

Side note: If you hate the treadmill as much as I do, you need a pair of GRR5. Nearly all of my dreadmill miles have been in this shoe. They are a good match.

The Bad

Thomas: The aesthetics of the Skechers shoes in the last few rounds are a big miss. People say the way a shoe looks doesn’t matter in terms of performance, it does. Running is mental. Looks matter. The glossy vinyl overlays and printed patterns on the upper are unappealing. I actually wish they would have turned the material inside out. The flip side of the upper has a nice mesh pattern. I have seen some future products from Skechers that address the issues I have with the looks. The good news is some really nice looking shoes are on the way.

This next point isn’t limited to the Ride 5, shoes like people that try to be all things to all people tend to be a little boring. Back to the good comment “Jack of all trades” the end of that statement is “master of none.” That would be a little harsh for the GoRun Ride 5, but the shoe lacks a little personality.

Meaghan: As one would imagine, the extra cushioning came with some added weight. The GRR4 weighed 6.45oz and the GRR5 came in at 7.10z for a W7.5. But it’s hard to find a daily trainer much lighter than that. I’ve already talked about my dislike for the quick-fit portal, so I’ll leave it at that. I also don’t love the look of this shoe, but it’s no Brooks Neuro… am I right?

GoRun Ride 5


Thomas: For the runner looking for a shoe that can handle all their training, the GOrun Ride 5 fits the bill. It is Skechers most versatile trainer. The shoe held up well over the 30 miles I put on them. I ran on both the treadmill and the street, the GRR5 has a smooth transition on both surfaces. The shoe fits well, and I was very pleased with the midsole and outsole. The low weight on the GoRun Ride 5 with a top notch midsole and outsole get me past the unfortunate styling of the upper. The prices online for the GOrun Ride 5 range from $56 – $95. That price is a bargain.

Meaghan: If you’re looking for a neutral trainer or a shoe that makes you hate treadmills less, the GRR5 is your guy. If you liked the GRR4 I think you will be happy with the updates. It’s a lightweight, responsive shoe that’s comfortable right out of the box. Plus, you really can’t beat the price point.


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  1. I really like the GoRun Ride 4. Sounds like this is a good update. I’m worried about the toebox. The Ride 4 was nice and wide, still true for the Ride 5? I heard in another review that it was slightly narrower and that worried me (Meaghan said it was slightly wider in the Ride 5 so I’m encouraged).

  2. Daniel Law says:

    Done almost 100km on the GRR5 and loving it. Done my best timing on them. Feel more responsive than GR4.

  3. Susan Hess says:

    Really loved your review so much that I just bought a pair on sale (you can find the Houston Marathon series in the $50 range). Once again, the worst thing about this shoe are the looks. You cannot justify a retail price of $95 for something 1992 vomited up. Nonetheless, I’m hoping this will be similar to the GoRun 4 but with more cushioning and stability. Tried them on last night and they appear to be firmer which will hopefully translate well on longer pavement runs.

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