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Skechers GOrun Ride 3 Review

The GOrun Ride is a more cushioned trainer than the GOrun. In the Skechers road running shoes family it falls in closest to a traditional trainer.

Skechers GOrun Ride 3

The Good

Thomas: I will admit that the GOrun Ride 2 was my least favorite of the Skechers running shoes. I was interested in the update but really didn’t expect much. I found myself pretty shocked when I went for my first run in the GOrun Ride 3. I was impressed with the redesigned upper that added structure to the shoe without adding weight (8.4 oz. men’s 9.) The upper fits well and looks great, at least on my feet. The cushioning is sublime. It is firm and giving at the same time. The outsole on the GOrun Ride 2 was too extreme between the M-Strike to the fore foot. The bump was pronounced enough that it could cause mild discomfort for me. The GOrun Ride 3’s outsole ride is smooth. This is a shoe that you can forget you’re wearing and just run.

Stein: The outsole is cushy and flexible and has held up well after 80+ miles. Rocks and debris never get stuck in the outsole, and they handle wet and snowy roads fine. The soft insole, flexible outsole and padded last made me feel like I could run all day in these shoes. I ran many shorter runs and at least one 15 miler, and my feet always felt great. The laces worked fine and never came untied, though I did find myself stopping to tighten them up a couple times mid-run – I think this was due to the plush padding in the tongue and heel area compressing a bit once I got going. While not seamless, the stitching was not noticeable and the interior of the shoe felt comfy on my socked feet.

Meaghan: I’ve run in several pairs of shoes from the Skechers performance line, but this was my first outing in the GOrun Ride. The most noticeable thing about these shoes is the super roomy forefoot. They look and feel quite a bit wider than the GOrun (which, for me, is generally a good thing). The outsole looks similar to the GOrun 3, but they feel firmer on the ground. There’s an additional layer of rubber on the forefoot which adds some nice support during toe-off. The upper is built with a stretchy mesh and the overlays add support without much additional weight. The GOrun Ride 3 is only slightly heavier than the GOrun 3 (6.4 oz vs 5.2 for a women’s size 7). These shoes got me a lot of compliments. I had people stop me on several occasions to comment on the look. I was provided with the hot pink/lime color variation, which is my personal favorite from the line.

The Bad

Thomas: The only issue I had with the GOrun Ride 3 was that the sizing seemed a little off. My toes would sometimes rub against the inside of the shoe. Not enough to size up, but enough to be irritating at times. While I like the Blue color combo Skechers sent me, the other color combos for the shoe border on hideous. The Houston Marathon edition looked really sweet. One online friend complained that the GOrun Ride 3’s great running feel left the shoe after he got 50 miles on them. I made sure to get more than 50 miles on them before the review to see if I would agree with him. I did not. I think the shoes still feel great on their way to 100 miles. You will have to judge for yourself, leave a comment with your experience.

Stein: They look a little thick or puffy to me, with a more rounded toe box that is a little less streamlined than a lot of shoes. To be fair, the outsole is noticeably wider than the toebox so stability is built in without any shanks or other diversions. The heel area of the upper feels overly padded to me and tends to push my feet forward, which makes my toes hit the front of the shoe when I’m running downhill. The toe box is sufficiently wide for me but someone with a wide foot might feel constricted. The squishy material of the outsole seemed to keep me from feeling fast, but they certainly were comfortable and great for cruising around town.

Meaghan: Although I love the roomy toebox, this shoe seems a little too wide in some places. I didn’t get that secure fit I like from a shoe. The tongue of this shoe is also super padded; maybe a little too much. I felt like I was tying a pillow to the top of my foot every time I laced up. You can’t deny they’re comfortable, though.

The Conclusion

Thomas: This shocked me, I think I actually like the GOrun Ride 3 better than the GOrun 3. I can’t believe it either. I just really liked running in the Ride 3. This is a fun shoe to run in. It is sometimes hard to feel super fast in them so I would pair them with your favorite speed shoe for a well rounded approach to your training. Skechers has offered up another shoe that has a space in your closet at a really affordable price. I find myself feeling less stigma with running in Skechers, and could care less since the miles I put in on them are good miles. I say buy this shoe.

Stein: My first run in the GOrun Ride 3 was fantastic. The run was my second run of the day which means 5 miles after work following a morning 4 mile run in the GOrun 2. After getting mixed reports about the GOrun Ride 2, I was prepared for some strangeness but instead I enjoyed every stride. The miles ticked by quickly with very little effort. In fact the geometry of the foot bed seemed to promote good form and my legs didn’t have any fatigue whatsoever when I was done.

The GOrun Ride 3 are light weight, breathable, extremely flexible, plush and well designed. The GOrun Ride 3s are great trainers for your daily run, but while they are fairly light they are also probably more shoe than you’d want to race in. For racing I’d lace up the GOrun Speed instead. For comfort, however, the GOrun Ride 3 is one of my current favorites.

Meaghan: I like this shoe. I don’t love it like the GOrun 3, but it will continue to stay in my rotation through winter marathon training. It’s a great option for your easy running or recovery days. Plus, they’re ridiculously good looking.

From Skechers

The next generation of Skechers GOrun Ride has enhanced Resalyte cushioning to go the distance.


  • Upper provides lateral and medial support for stability during long or short distance runs while maintaining breathability
  • GOimpulse sensors and pillars repositioned on outsole to allow for an even smoother transition and optimized running experience
  • Removable insole for a custom fit
  • 4 way stretch mesh on front and side panels
  • 4 way stretch mesh front
  • 3D printed texture detail on side panels
  • Promotes a midfoot strike
  • 4mm heel drop
  • Weight: 8.4 oz. in a men’s size 9


  • Unique textured 3D printed side panels
  • Contrast colored edging detail
  • Side S logo
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Agion odor protection
  • Custom Fit insoles included

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  1. Joe Richardson says:

    Great review but no one mentioned whether the inserts were worn or not during your trials.

    1. I believe we all used the insole inserts.

  2. Alan says:

    is the inset a 4mm add to make it 8mm, or is the insert flat to leave it at 4mm.

    1. I asked Skechers and this is what they told me about the drop “The GRR3 is a 4mm drop without the sockliner in. It is an 8mm drop with the sockliner. That is, the sockliner ramps up in the heel and is thicker than the forefoot by 4mm. The same is true for the GR3, Ultra, and Bionic 2.”

  3. Ken says:

    How “stable” is this shoe? Is it strictly neutral or can it be considered having “light stability”?

    1. I consider it neutral. There is no posting are stability features in the shoe.

  4. paul says:

    I want to try, but I have reservations on the durability. do you find that they wear faster than other shoes? I’ve read some people only getting 150 miles before the tread wears out. thanks

    1. It really depends on your foot strike.

  5. Bruce says:

    hi thomas– great reviews! i wondered if you had perhaps put 150 or 200 miles on by now, and could comment on how the cushioning and feel have held up. also, how does the fit compare to the ultra (and the gorun 3 as well)? i’ve heard varying things about a looseness in the fit of some models.

    1. Hi Bruce, There is some dampening on the cushion over time. Even with that, it still provides a good foundation. At that price you can buy a new pair when you feel like the midsole isn’t performing.

  6. Abner Souza says:

    Hey Thomas great review ! I’m a supinator, would you recommend GRR3 with that foot strike ? thanks.

    1. Since the way and degree every runner varies with foot strike it is difficult to say. The grr has a solid base that I think would be fine for running with a slight sup. The Stada from Skechers might offer you even more support.

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