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Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Review

The Good

Thomas: The upper of this shoe fits and feels good. Since I was testing these shoes out during the winter, it is hard to judge the breathability. I am going to assume it is fine even though the mesh looks dense there are lots of little holes. The upper of the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 can almost disappear it fits so well. The shoe had no hot spots and the tongue and heel counter caused no rubbing at all. This is the second Mizuno that I have run with the U4ic Midsole, I am a fan of the light weight flexible cushioning material. The blown rubber on the outsole has held up very well and I am hard on shoes. Before I sat down to review the shoe I checked the rubber to see how it was holding up after 50+ miles I couldn’t even detect any substantial wear. The toe box is roomy and the sole of the shoe is deceptively wide creating a confident foot strike. The Wave plate added a real sense of stability to the shoe. I felt my foot always landed with good contact to the ground. While I don’t love white shoes I did get compliments on the look of the shoe from a couple different runners, even if one of them was a dude wearing pink Asics.

Meaghan: After running my Sayonaras into the ground, I was excited to try out another pair of shoes from Mizuno. Much like the Sayonara, the Wave Rider 17 is a cool looking shoe. I’m generally not a fan of white running shoes, but I am digging this colorway; particularly the bright yellow laces. In addition to the good looks, the shoe fits well. It’s snug through the midfoot and widens slightly in the forefoot and heel. The upper is constructed of a soft mesh material and contains a honeycomb pattern (similar, but not quite as prominent, as the New Balance 1400) so they breathe nicely. The padding around the collar and tongue adds a nice level of comfort. For a neutral trainer with quite a bit of cushioning and a sturdy outsole, Mizuno has managed to keep the shoe light. I am still unsure of the exact weight, but it’s approximately 7.5oz for a women’s size 7.

The Bad

Thomas: Getting used to the shoe took several runs. The Wave plate made the shoe feel clunky and I never forgot I was wearing the shoes. While the shoe weighs in at about 9.2 oz. It felt heavier on my foot due to the rigidness the Wave plate brings.

Meaghan: This shoe needs some love. It took several runs before I felt comfortable in them. Despite the cushy tongue and collar, the shoe feels stiff right out of the box. I love it when I can completely forget about my shoes when I’m out running. That never happened in these shoes. The wave technology is cool, but it’s a lot of rubber between your feet and the road. And it doesn’t have a whole lot of give.

The Conclusion

Thomas: This is another shoe like the New Balance 890v4 that took time to break in and get to the point where I could appreciate what the shoe has to offer. This is not a shoe that disappears on your foot, letting the connection to the road seem seamless. This is a shoe for a runner that appreciates a solid running platform. The rigidness of the Wave plate at first subtracted from the shoe. Later as I put on more miles on the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 I came to appreciate the structure it provides to the shoe. As a midfoot striker the Wave plate helped my heel land square through my stride. Between the Wave Sayonara and the Wave Rider I would choose the Sayonara. The Wave Rider 17 is slightly too much shoe for me. The quality of the shoe is undeniable. If you are looking for a traditional trainer with universal stability this shoe would be a good choice.

Meaghan: The Wave Rider 17 is a good neutral trainer. I wish the shoes were a little more responsive, but I’ve found they loosen up with each run. With all the support and cushioning, this is an ideal shoe for long runs or every day training. The price point is a little high, at $115, but I haven’t seen any sort of wear. I’m confident this shoe will last for several hundred miles without issue.


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  1. Mark says:

    Good review on the Wave Rider 17. I really like this shoe. The higher heel drop has helped me with some Achilles issues I was having. The shoe feels pretty light to me and is very comfortable. If I could change one thing it would be to give it more cushioning in the forefoot.

    1. Good feedback, thanks Mark.

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