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Road Running Shoes • September 15, 2020

Skechers GOrun Razor + Hyper Performance Review

Razor+ Hyper

What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 6.4oz. (181.5g) for a US M9 / 4.9oz. (139g) for a US W9
  • Still Hyper Burst midsole foam, still light, still a fast shoe
  • Switched to Goodyear outsole rubber, and added some medial coverage
  • Gone are the audacious “SPEED” logos, much more subtle design cues

ADRIENNE: According to Skechers, the GOrun Razor + Hyper is designed to be the training shoe counterpart to the award-winning Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper, but with some additional Goodyear rubber underneath and a more relaxed upper. You know, all the energy return but not quite the locked-n’-loaded experience of the 3. 

Like its more muscular sibling, the MaxRoad 4+, the new Hyper has a Mono mesh and polyester combination upper that is breathable (like ‘you can see through it’ breathable), lightweight and secure. The shoe retains Skechers Hyper Burst midsole, which is crazy light and resilient. Underneath is a Goodyear rubber outsole for enhanced durability and traction. This shoe begs you to burn some rubber, or just chill. Whatever your training plan calls for that day. According to Skechers, the additional rubber provides some extra traction and durability, as that was a concern with the Razor 3. 

Skechers makes some damn fast, fun, and insanely light shoes. How light? My Women’s 9 is listed at 4.9 oz., give or take. To put it in perspective, I have run in spikes that were heavier than this trainer. Seriously. The Speed XCR Spike weighs in at just 0.7 oz lighter. Clearly this shoe will fly if you want it to, but its cushioned enough to be smooth and comfortable at easy paces as well. To further set it apart from the more race-oriented Razor 3, Skechers increased the heel cushion in this shoe. It still encourages a midfoot strike, but its not a big deal if you land on your heels after miles of hills. I know this because I tried it. I took this shoe on a couple of easy runs and runs at near max-speed. Whatever I wanted them to do, the Razor + Hyper was down for it. This isn’t your mom or dad’s trainer. From easy day to tempo to even race day, this shoe can do it all. 

BEN: Last year’s Razor 3 was one of my surprise favorites and I felt that it put Skechers on the running shoe map. I never would have considered Skechers a serious running shoe brand prior to the Razor 3, but this shoe was a knockout. Incredible spec sheet and it was all in a simple package that got it done with no extra frills or gimmicks. The original Razor 3 was a Hyper Burst midsole paired with an upper that was just enough to hold your foot on (unfortunately it had a very distinctive aesthetic and many people were not a fan – including myself).

Razor + Hyper

The Good

ADRIENNE: Um, nearly everything. I am still in shock at how light yet how cushioned they are. HyperBurst is an impressive material and it feels consistent from start to finish. The midsole feels incredibly smooth and consistent, and in combination with the upper, everything just stays out of the way so you can focus on your workout. I found these great for post-run strides as there was no lag in getting up on my toes in these. 

The women’s’ gray and blue colorway looks nice and I would have no problem wearing them pretty much anywhere. 

If you’ve read any of my reviews, you’ll notice I’m a stickler for breathability. It’s often a deal-breaker for me. It’s here in spades, and if you’re like me and like to run sockless, the Razor+ Hyper is here for it. I enjoyed all my runs in them, and again, Skechers proves we don’t need a plate in a shoe for them to be efficient, fast, and fun. 

BEN: Hyper Burst is back and better than ever. The midsole is mostly unchanged, but it appears some small tweaks to the geometry have added a little more cushion in the heel area. Overall, what was good before is still good. It’s the perfect stack height for the foam. The shoe manages to feel super light, cushioned, but still extremely fast and responsive. It’s a great mix and results in a very versatile shoe. It can easily do the fast days, tempo runs, and even racing. But the shoe isn’t overly harsh or firm and can handle some daily training as well. It’s a flexible shoe, so it will not feel like the current generation of plated shoes, but the weight and response allow it to still work great on hard efforts.

The outsole now has Goodyear rubber and an extra path on the medial area that was previously exposed. I never had issues with the last-gen outsole, but the Goodyear outsole has good traction and should have great durability. The extra rubber doesn’t seem completely necessary for my footstrike, but if you typically wear shoes in that area it will help with lifespan and can reduce the cosmetic wear on the exposed Hyperburst.  

The upper is still super thin like the previous version, but with fewer overlays and reduced structure. It’s got a little more stretch to it, as well. This adds up to a great fit, super breathable, and super lightweight.  The best part of losing the overlays is that the aesthetic is so much cleaner. Gone are the stripes and the giant “SPEED” logo. Now it looks as sleek as it feels on foot.

DAVE: The Hyper Burst midsole is all-around solid as always. And in my test pair, I can tell it may be also riding a bit softer than the original Razor 3. I totally dig firm shoes, but if there was any criticism of the R3, it rode a bit on the firm side. The Razor + Hyper is a tad softer upon midload and toe off, and I think I actually like it better. The compound is as smooth as an Art Pepper album and Hyper Burst provides a nice flex point at midload, via the M Strike technology, to get you to the toe quickly and efficiently. This one-two punch produces a powerful, snappy pop off.  

I personally had no problems with the upper on the Razor 3, but the new and improved Mono mesh upper makes it even better! It molds the foot better, locks me in well throughout the midfoot, and is just a hell of a lot more comfortable. Well done here.

With the Goodyear outsole, you get more rubber underfoot. If anything, the R3 slipped on some sidewalks and roads for me. But the Razor + Hyper grips so much better. I’m a ton more confident in it now and would also recommend that this runs well on a rail trail or dry, hard-packed singletrack. Kind of like how Atreyu feels awesome on dirt roads, this one does too. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some small country dirt roads back home in Upstate NY this summer. 

If we’re talking biomechanics, the Razor+ Hyper is not for the faint of heart. However, if you want to have some fun, want to run fewer garbage miles that are more efficient, while also not wearing a brick on your foot, this is your shoe. For me, it shines on the easy day paces of 6:20-7:30. Faster than that, say a tempo or even time trial, it gets quite groovy when all you are looking for is explosive toe-off. And there is plenty of it!

Weight: 6.4oz in my US 9. For a speedy trainer/racer? Yes, please!

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The Bad

ADRIENNE: This doesn’t apply to me here, but I can see those with a wider forefoot having some fit issues up front. And where were these in the peak of the summer heat with that upper?? Other than that, I got nothin’. 

BEN: No fit issues for me, but it’s still a real thin upper and these can be somewhat unforgiving if they don’t fit your foot shape. The added stretch will help but could be a problem.  

The only other thing that threw me off is the naming. Skechers naming schemes have gotten to be unnecessarily long. And while this clearly feels like the successor to the Razor 3, they dropped the number and changed it to a plus. Definitely doesn’t make the shoe any worse, but it’s just confusing!

DAVE: For my narrow foot and dainty ankles, lacing for a secure heel lock has always been a struggle in Skechers Performance shoes. The tippy top eyelet needs to move up towards the tongue a bit more. When it sits as low as it does on this shoe, it puts more tension on the Talus bone when laced up. Suffocating that area on a foot creates a ton of conflict going up the leg in some cases and can hurt the kinetic chain of mechanics and motion when circulation is almost cut off.

Price: $135 is a bit steep when this thing used to sit at around $100-$110.To me, it still should be a $120 dollar option.

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Skechers GOrun Razor + Hyper Conclusion

ADRIENNE: This is an easy shoe to get along with and can work for a lot of runners. Those with efficient mechanics and experience can use this as a daily trainer all day long, and those who need more support in a speed shoe can look no further than the Razor + Hyper. Moving forward, I hope Skechers continues to get some of the credit it deserves for their running shoes. These are legit and I know I’ll continue to enjoy running in them. 

BEN: My biggest concern was that an update on a shoe I liked would make it worse, but I’m happy to report that Skechers did not screw up what was working well on the original Razor 3. The Razor + Hyper is an excellent shoe – the tweaks all seem to be in the right direction. If anything, it slightly broadens the audience, but it maintains everything that was good. I think it’s a great option as a fast day trainer and can be used daily for the right person.

DAVE: Lace it, rip around in it, dig it. It’s that simple. The way shoes should be made. In a run game full of marketing, hype and failure to deliver (Peg 37) and honestly way too much plated technology, the Razor + Hyper covers a ton of terrain. From fast days to effortless cruising days, it rolls. I would not hesitate to race a marathon in it. It’s just as fast as any of the “super shoes” I own, and it may even be faster.

Recommended for runners of all abilities looking for a pleasant, lively experience that is chock full of a gangster midsole in Hyper Burst!

You can pick up the Skechers GOrun Razor + Hyper for $135 at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

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  1. Nik says:

    How is the sizing compared to the razor 3? I am a size 12 in most Skechers hyper (grr7/7+, maxroad 4). But in the razor 3 I had to go to size 13. I would have to do a size 13 in the speed elite if they existed. Should I stick with a 13 in the razor+?

  2. Will says:

    As someone who generally prefers a bit more room upfront (but, like, TOPO, not so much boat-like Altra) I have had a concern with what I’ve heard about in terms of fit with this line. That said, I’ve been ok with Hoka Rincon and, for trail, Saucony Xodus 10 (though it’s heavy AF), so I’ve learned I can use different sizes. All that said, do you think it’s, like, really tight, or could someone with a bit broader foot give it a shot? Last, given that it is $140 – shoe price bloat has gotten crazy – do y’all think it could go longer than the Rincon? I like the latter but my god it packs out in no time. Thanks!

  3. Brian says:

    Any opinions on this shoe compared to the Brooks Hyperion Tempo?

    1. Robbe Reddinger says:

      Pretty similar ride overall since both midsoles are made of nitrogen-infused super critical foam. I probably prefer the upper of the Tempo, but both are great shoes.

  4. Shaun K says:

    Any notes on durability?

    1. Dave Ames says:

      All depends on runner mechanics as with any shoe, but for free every Razor I’ve ever owned has gone 400+. Anticipate the + going 500.

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