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Skechers GOrun 5 Performance Review

Mileage in the Skechers GOrun 5:

Austin: 98
Meaghan: 61
Thomas: 26

skecher gorun 5

The Good

Austin: After extracting the rigid cardboard inserts from each shoe, I quickly sensed the lighter weight as I rocked it in my hand: 8.8 ounces for the Skechers GOrun 5 (this is based on a men’s size 12 by the way). In addition to being light, this model sports a second characteristic I’m favoring more and more in emerging footwear: a 4-millimeter offset (18 mm in the heel and 14 mm in the forefoot). I seem to run better in shoes with a lower drop like this, though research suggests that shoe drop is unrelated to injury. What’s paramount, according to biomechanist Benno Nigg, is “the preferred movement path.” In short, comfort.

From a comfort standpoint, I like the GOrun 5 most amongst the three models I received to review. A twenty-mile run out of the box affirms this assertion too. The GOrun is cushioned yet responsive, and both feet stayed secure in the shoe after utilizing the additional eyelet. The upper, comprised of “GOknit,” provides stellar breathability, while the 5GEN midsole is ample protection for the 5K up to the mighty marathon. I wondered if the Quick Fit loop attached to the heel might rub my skin, but this proved to be a non-issue in every run. Incidentally, the inclusion of this loop is a glorious gift to triathletes who need to slip their shoes on quickly during the transition from the bike to the run.

Meaghan: Funny Austin mentioned the cardboard lining. I was so eager to wear mine I took them out for a run without removing it. I ran about a half mile before stopping at a red light and untying my shoe to check it out. I got some serious looks as I pulled out 3 pieces of thin cardboard from my shoe. Anyway…

The GOrun 5 is a great daily trainer. The upper is a simple knit design that feels supportive, but it’s breathable and light. The midsole/outsole construction provides plenty of cushion. It’s a soft cushioning that’s flexible and light. There’s a thin layer of rubber on the outsole that provides some really nice traction and added durability. My W7.5 weighed in at 5.95 oz. I mean… does it get any better than that?

Thomas: The Skechers GOrun 5‘s character isn’t that far off from earlier GOrun models. The shoe is on the minimal side of the spectrum with a soft flexible midsole and a light upper. The biggest difference from the earlier models is the disappearance of the “M-Strike” bump that was in the middle of the sole. It was there to help nudge runners into a mid-foot strike. Other than the M-strike bump, you still have a lightweight trainer (8.25 oz for size 10.5) with a lot of ground feel. The outsole’s new rubber configuration adds grip and durability without making the shoe feel clunky.

To get a good fit over the arch Skechers used elastic bands that attach to each side of the shoe’s throat over the oversized tongue. They make the shoe fit comfortably. The GOrun 5’s upper feels great with or without a sock.

The 5 looks more like a traditional trainer than any of the previous models. The addition of more rubber on the outsole will help the GOrun 5 last longer than previous models.

skechers gorun 5

The Bad

Austin: Critiquing the GOrun 5 is difficult for me. I wondered if minimal eyelets might contribute to movement in the midfoot, but the feet stayed in place without incident. As to the laces, I recognize that flat laces are an additional way to reduce weight, but those of you who read my reviews know that I prefer rounded laces as they are easier to manipulate with the fingers (should you need to adjust your laces at the outset of a run).

Being new to Skechers running shoes, my only concern for all three models thus far is durability. With only a few sections of blown rubber on the outsole and some exposed midsole, I’m inclined to think that the midsole will show signs of wear quickly (though Thomas and Meaghan can speak to this more as they have worn Skechers for many years). Readers can inform and shape this observation too based on their respective experiences with the GOrun line.

Meaghan: There isn’t much to complain about in the GOrun 5. The only negative thing I have to say is that the upper is starting to look a little beat up. Other than aesthetics, though, they’re holding up just fine. Also, the pull-tab… I’m just not sure why.

Thomas: Between the GOMeb Razor and the GOrun 5 I preferred the Razor. The GOrun 5’s midsole is too soft and I could feel too much of the pavement. During the minimal shoe craze a few years back this would have been a compliment. The feel is very “natural” and I have been preferring trainers that provide more energy return. The GOrun 5 is light and smooth, but not snappy.

The shape of the shoe gets a little beat up looking after only a few miles. Structurally it is fine, the shoe just creases and looks wrinkled over the toebox.

GOrun 5 Conclusion

Austin: Price is an excellent way to close this review. At $100, the GOrun 5 is an outstanding shoe for 26.2 miles (or any lesser distance). I figured that Skechers running shoes would skew higher in price based on the name alone, but I’m struck by the lower dollar amount. Color deserves a mention too. The design is superb; furthermore, the special edition Houston Marathon GOrun 5 doesn’t go up in price – unlike other companies that follow this practice for major marathons like Boston, New York, and London. What’s left to say? Go run.

Meaghan: I’m a big fan of the GOrun 5. In terms of preference between the Razor and the GOrun, well, it’s a tie. I’m not taking sides. If we’re talking racing, longer runs or speedwork… I’d go Razor. If we’re talking tired legs, shorter runs or treadmill… GOrun 5. They each have their purpose, IMO.

Thomas: This shoe is an example of how personal preference plays into performance reviews. There were contradicting opinions on which new Skecher shoe was better, the Razor Or the GOrun 5 in forums I participate in online. I was shocked how many runners preferred the Skechers GOrun 5 over the Razor. My opinion is that the Razor is a better trainer, I liked the firmer midsole and simple upper. As you can surmise from Austin’s review he sides with the GOrun. If you are thinking about trying the GOrun 5 I would also recommend trying the Razor. They are similar enough, but the tunning is as different as a touring suspension versus a sport-tuned suspension in an automobile. Check out Running Warehouse, they have free shipping both ways and you can try the shoes for 30 days. I would love to hear which model you chose.

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  1. DanVRuns11 says:

    How does the fit up front compare to the Razor? The 5 was too narrow for me. Wondering if the razor might be better.

    1. They are pretty similar. The knit upper of the Razor may be more forgiving and stretch.

  2. Shoe drop unrelated to injury? Depends how you defuine injury, I suppose? Before I switched to Skechers I ran almost exclusively in Nike…and never had a full complement of toenails. If I put on a pair of the Nikes now, they feel like a pair cowboy boots…and all my toenails are back since I’ve been in shoes with a drop of less than 6mm.

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