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Road Running Shoes • September 25, 2020

Skechers GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper Cloak Review

Speed 6 Cloak

What You Need To Know

  • Featherweight light at 6.14 oz./174g for a size US M11.0
  • Strictly a racing shoe with a PEBAX plate
  • Goodyear rubber outsole provides good traction
  • New zebra colorway is wacky and weird and we are ALL IN
  • *UPDATE* The new colorway seems to fit better than the original

NOTE: Thomas and Austin’s reviews are excerpted from the original Speed 6 Hyper review, which is the exact same shoe compositionally. 

BEN: The Skechers GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper is back in the form of the Cloak Pack edition. Skechers is giving the people what they want, and what they want is “zee-bruh” print! Here is more from the Skechers team:

“As you know, the team at Skechers Performance is dedicated to listening to runners and giving the people what they want. Given the many requests for an inline “zee-bruh” print, we are happy to introduce the Skechers Performance Cloak Pack!

Inspired by our prototype zebra-flage, first spotted on Skechers elite runners Meb Keflezighi and Edward Cheserek, the Cloak pack offers your favorite Skechers Performance styles with eye-catching “zee-bruh” print uppers and metallic blue midsoles. The shoes retain the lightweight performance and responsive cushion they are known for with added style.”

THOMAS: We probably harp on this too much, but Skechers is firing off a lot of similarly named shoes.

It gets even more confusing when shoes like the Skechers GOrun Razor 3 used to be called the Skechers GOmeb Razor.

What’s the difference? The GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper Cloak has a lower stack height than both the GOrun Razor 3 and the Speed Elite with an Injected PEBAX® plate, making the Speed 6 Hyper a shorter distance racing shoe that reminds us of the pre-Vaporfly racing flats.

AUSTIN: I, for one, will continue to cheer the Skechers Performance division. Their shoes continue to wow and amaze. I’m still new to the brand’s running shoes as I’ve only owned a few pairs, but I’ve been impressed at every turn with the comfort and ride. Skechers is regularly innovating and wowing all runners (like me!) who try their footwear.

Speed 6 Cloak

The Good

BEN: The clear and obvious change here is the print and color combo– and I think it looks fantastic. It’s just what everyone wanted after seeing the zebra print shoes online. The metallic blue midsole is just icing on the cake. This shoe is definitely a head-turner, even if the look isn’t for everyone.  But if you know about it, then you probably already want it. Skechers went out on a limb here, and I think it’s great. If you want to stand out, this shoe will do it, and I think the combo was well done.

For the most part, the Cloak Pack is just a style change from shoes that have already been released. But in terms of the Speed 6, there have been some minor tweaks to the actual shoe. The original Speed 6 was known to be really poorly sized. It’s meant to be a race fit, but nearly across the board it was recommended to be worn a half-to-full size larger than standard sizing. I am happy to report that the Cloak Pack appears to have remedied this!  My pair fits me true to size. It’s still a more snug “race fit” but it’s perfectly usable in my standard sizing and I would find no need to change size (unlike the original).

With the “larger” sizing it would be expected that the weight would increase, but somehow it has not. Mine comes in at 5.7 oz in a US 9.5 which matches the spec for the original model in a US 9.0! Somehow it seems to have lost a little weight. Looking closely it appears this has come from a slight change in the outsole coverage. It’s still using Goodyear rubber (in a nice shade of baby blue), but the two patches at the midfoot are now gone, leaving exposed foam. For my footstrike, I have no concerns, as I never wear shoes in this area and I’m happy to have the weight loss.

Beyond that, the shoe is largely the same.  It’s really just a low stack height shoe with a moderately stiff Pebax midfoot plate. It’s similar to the racing flats of days past, but it does have the Hyper Burst midsole to add some pop to the stride. If you love a shoe that’s low to the ground, that has that “connected to the road” feeling, then this shoe will do well. It’s a shoe that feels like it’s made to go fast. The fit, the feel, and now the look.

THOMAS: The Speed 6 Hyper Cloak looks as sharp as a knife. This shoe is made for one thing: speed. Weighing in at 6.14 oz./174g for a size 11, the Speed 6 is a featherweight, but don’t think the lightweight makes the shoe fragile. The Speed 6 Hyper has a Goodyear® rubber outsole, a fair amount of Hyper Burst foam with a 4 mm differential, and a nearly indestructible lightweight rip-stop nylon mesh.

On step-in, the shoe felt similar to the Nike Streak 6, one of my all-time favorites. Both shoes just float through your gait, allowing you to get in the flow and forget about the shoe.

AUSTIN: The GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper Cloak has a lot of accolades going for it: Low drop. Low weight. A crazy thin mesh upper. A locked-down heel. And—wait for it—laces that are an appropriate length after you’ve tied them. That’s something to get excited about friends.

Strange as it seems, what struck me most about the Speed 6 Hyper Cloak is the Goodyear outsole. Yes, that company that makes automobile tires. Like Continental and their partnership with Adidas, it appears that tire makers are expanding their offering into footwear. Why not go for it? My runs didn’t encounter any damp conditions, but the outsole traction felt strong during hard efforts along the sidewalks and roads.

Shop Speed 6 Cloak – Men Shop Speed 6 Cloak – Women Speed 6 Cloak

The Bad

BEN: For me, there are a lot of things mentioned above that can also fall into this section. It just depends what you’re looking for in a shoe. The stack height is much lower than the current range of shoes that most running shoe companies are offering– and you can feel it.  Hyper Burst does its best to put some spring in your step, but if you’re not going fast, or don’t have an efficient stride, it can be downright harsh. The M-Strike geometry is here (Skechers rocker) and I also find that geometry feels best at uptempo paces. Pair the low stack and the rocker, and it can feel really slick when kicking it up a notch, but it feels equally bad once you slow down. Heel striking or just any general poor form is felt immediately. Not an easy day shoe, and not even close to a daily trainer for me.

The other “watch-out” is still the fit. I feel like the undersizing is more-or-less “fixed”, but it’s still a snug fit, and the upper has no stretch and minimal padding, so it can be quite unforgiving. The laces are really thin and really stretchy to try and help somewhat with this, but it’s still a shoe where you can suffocate your foot by cranking it down too much (or have it left flopping around if left just a hair too loose). The good news (for me) is that if you do get it dialed in, it’s a great lockdown and fits well.

THOMAS: Overall, I just wasn’t feeling this shoe. It just didn’t wow me like I was hoping it would.

AUSTIN: I don’t care for the material used on the top of the sock liner. Even with a low toe box height and narrow width, my toes felt like they were sliding a bit at fast paces. Note that the sock liner is not removable without some elbow grease, i.e. it’s glued down in the shoe.

Shop Speed 6 Cloak – Men Shop Speed 6 Cloak – Women Speed 6 Cloak

Skechers GOmeb Speed 6 Hyper Cloak Conclusion

BEN: Subjectively, this is an incredible looking shoe and it has an impressive spec sheet. I commend Skechers for putting out this colorway that has gotten so much attention on social media through their prior testing cycles (and adding in the color shift midsole details). Regarding the shoe itself, the weight is extremely low, but it still retains that Hyper Burst bounce. Arguably it’s just not quite enough of it. It is a very sharp arrow to have in the quiver, but only for just the right time.  For me, that’s a short race, or a really fast and hard workout. When the conditions are right, the shoe can fly, but it’s not for the faint of heart (looks or ride).

AUSTIN: Overall, the Speed 6 Hyper Cloak felt great as a fast shoe. Despite the sizing issue and blister, the ride is very smooth. I haven’t run in many race flats; in fact, I was comparing the Speed 6 to the New Balance Hanzo S, a flat with a much stiffer forefoot. In short, these two flats are very different. With a bit more cushion underfoot, I feel like you can definitely favor the Speed 6 Hyper for up to a half marathon distance if the fit is there.

THOMAS: Despite being a lightweight and fast shoe, it feels a bit off to me. However, if you’re a fan of Skechers or the Hyperburst midsole (or just want a good-looking race shoe), this might be the chariot you’re looking for. For me, I prefer the Razor 3; it’s still got the speed, but is a little more forgiving on the feet and legs.

You can pick up the Skechers Speed 6 Hyper in the NEW Cloak colorway at Running Warehouse (featuring free 2-day shipping and 90-day returns) by using the shop link below.

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